10,000 Hours

You may have seen us mention this already on the site and elsewhere but we are firm proponents of the concept popularised by Malcom Gladwell that the key to becoming an expert is the amount of focussed practice you put in.

In his book Outliers, he calls it the “10,000 Hour Rule” which states that research suggests it takes about 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to truly master a skill. He backs this up with numerous examples from the Beatles to Bill Gates.  The key argument is that the biggest factor in success is not innate talent or blind luck but rather how dedicated you are to your chosen path.

Why do we love this? Two key reasons. Firstly it fits with our experience of education and training and secondly we think it’s the most empowering message an individual could have i.e. anyone can do it so long as they put in the work. Of course putting in work is not always easy. But at least you know you have the choice and you also have the power to make a difference in your own life.

One of the most inspiring aspects of working in the educational world is simply this. Watching individuals starting out with varying levels of attainment and skill but through hard work and determination building their skillbase, honing their craft and succeeding in changing their lives.


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