Future Dreaming: Who Was There? (Pt. 1)

So, a quick overview of our exhibitors from last week. Who are they, what do they do and where can you find out more about them?

First off, we had Ableton giving a fantastic workshop which must be a real first for any British Embassy anywhere not just the one in Berlin. I’m sure you all know who they are but for the uninitiated, they make an incredible easy to use but very powerful music production software called Ableton Live. It’s  popular with many 21st Century  DJ’s and DJ producers.. They also develop controllers for this software with companies such as Akai & Novation. 

For more info you can find their website here: or follow them on twitter: @ableton

Next up: Avid - Another software developer who have more of a focus on the studio & live environment. In the professional audio production world they are probably best known for their Pro Tools software DAW and it’s accompanying hardware interfaces and control surfaces. Don’t forget we will be the first Avid ProSchool in Germany - so you will be hearing this name a lot if you come and study with us! 

You can find more info at their website: or follow them on twitter: @avid

Innovative Instruments - Developors of an awesome new instrument called the RRS Synth, it is designed to be an ‘all in one’ instrument, it has a mixer, synth & speakers all built in to the same unit, as well as DI outputs for live performance. The instrument main ‘control’ surface is a ribbon, it really is incredible and we will have an interview with the designer live soon.  

For more info, the website is: or you can visit their facebook page by searching for ‘Innovative Instruments’

Zynaptiq - We were blown away by this plugin last week. Their Pitchmap software effectively splits a recorded track into its individual component sounds……all in real time! Using a MIDI keyboard you can then change the melodies and harmonies of any part of the recording….also in real time.  It really was quite incredible. 

For more info, check out their website: or follow them on twitter @zynaptiq 


We will be posting updates, stories, video interviews & pictures from our Future Dreaming event over the next few weeks, you can follow us @dbsberlin on twitter or on facebook ( 

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