Want to Make It In The Music Industry - Pt I

How many times have you been told that you must be mad to want to make it in the music industry?

It probably began at school or college and was continued by your caring parents, carers and friends. Then the same again at careers conventions, in newspaper articles, television documentaries and articles across the net. In fact practically everywhere you turn someone will want to tell you that it’s impossible to make it in the music industry and you’re stupid to be even considering it.

In a way there is an element of truth in the original statement (you really must be a little mad!) but the message that ‘it’s impossible to make it in the music industry and you’d be stupid to try’ is entirely incorrect and it’s easy to prove why.

Despite being battered and bruised in recent years the international music industry is still looking very healthy. In 2010 the worldwide music industry made revenues of $168 billion. Yes that’s billion. That’s a lot of money and actually despite everything you read it’s significantly up on the previous years figures of $140 billion. These figures come from a serious report presented at Midem called “The Sky is Rising”

It takes a lot of people to earn that kind of revenue. Those revenues are being earnt by people working in the music industry and therefore it is undoubtedly not only possible to get a job in the music industry, it is also more likely than getting a ‘more serious job’ in a whole bunch of other smaller or more specialist industries.

That doesn’t mean that it’s easy. No - it definitely is not. It’s very hard work and unless you’re very very lucky, you have to be prepared to give it your utmost over quite a long period of time. But presumably you’re doing it because you love it passionately (and you’re a little bit mad) so that’s ok isn’t it?

There are some good articles out there but they’re not necessarily the ones giving standard advice. Here’s an article that acknowledges how crazy you have to be but also how hard it is to get a job in any industry… perhaps the music industry is no different.

dBs Music takes quite a different approach to preparing you for the industry. Of course you need the fundamental skill base and of course we provide the space and time for you to develop that. But you also need a whole other bunch of things that most colleges and training centres ignore. Here’s just a few ideas to get you started. A well developed set of creative skills, tenacity and willpower, a good understanding of self and above all, extremely well developed listening and communication skills.

We’ll be returning to this subject on a regular basis so please stay tuned.

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