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As part of the process of making the best choice for your own needs you’ve all been sending us some great questions. We’d love to do our best to answer some of the more common ones in this article. So here goes….

Our brand new Berlin centre will have it’s official opening in September 2013. Unfortunately for you as a student this means that you don’t have all of the information that we would ideally like you to have before making your choice.

As a result there are questions you may have which we are unable to answer completely. We’ve tried to answer these questions below as best we can at this stage of development of our new Berlin centre.

Can you tell me about the dBs Berlin tutors?

As you can see from our website we have access to a stunning list of guest tutors. We think this is actually the best way of providing you with access to industry relevant experience and unusually compared with most of our competitors we aim to provide these lectures roughly once a month to ensure you are getting great industry input on a regular basis to enhance your own personal development.

Some of you will understandably also want to know who your regular tutors will be. In our experience the tutors with the greatest industry accolades and experience do not necessarily make the best tutors to support you on a daily basis. There are various reasons for this but inevitably there are always some exceptions to the rule hence why we usually end up with a mix of some staff with great industry experience and other staff who are great at providing students with the care, support and stimulation required to successfully complete their qualification.

As a new centre it is unlikely we will have recruited our regular team until approximately two months before opening although we already have some potentially excellent tutors waiting to be interviewed here in Berlin. In the meantime you may like to checkout the online reviews you will find of our team in the UK.

What equipment will be based at the centre?

We have already given you an overview of the type of equipment we will be providing in our first year of opening on our website here You can also read about our thoughts on technology vs creativity in the paragraphs at the end of this blog item

Given the fast changing nature of the music technology industry we cannot guarantee that our equipment list will be exactly as stated. Some items will have been superseded by better technology whilst others will have lost their relevance or their value for money. We want to make sure you have the best mix of equipment that will support your learning and development. We go through a process of constant improvement with our equipment roster so you can expect to see new pieces of gear and software installations on a regular basis.

Can I visit dBs Berlin yet?

Well the answer to this is yes…..and no!

We are very happy to arrange a personalised tour of the building complex where we will be based so you can get an idea of the fantastic environment you will be working in.

However the dBs centre itself hasn’t been built yet. There is no point in building a centre too far in advance of opening as it just imposes a cost on the company without enough tangible benefit. We have built enough new centres now to be very confident of how long it will take us to complete. We are expecting to start building around May 2013 with equipment installation taking place over the summer.

When can we see the degree qualification details?

Rather than use our current set of qualifications in the UK we wanted to design a new set of qualifications to suit the international character of our Berlin audience. This means we are still in the process of accrediting them with the University of St Mark and St John. We are already in a position to provide you with an outline view but the final confirmed details will not be available until later in the year. The same applies to any weekly lesson plans which cannot be created until the course is fully accredited.

In the end…

Some of you will already really like the unique ethos and approach of dBs Music and hence find your choice an easy one. Others will feel comfortable with a more established centre that you can already go and visit and evaluate with your own two eyes. Don’t worry, we completely understand. Perhaps after taking a course elsewhere you will come back to us to take another course once you are able to come and visit us. We truly hope you make the most appropriate choice for your own needs. Good luck :-)


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