Berlin – A Budget Paradise for Students

Berlin is Europe’s greatest budget paradise for students. It’s cheaper to live in Berlin than anywhere else in Western Europe. Given that living expenses are one of the largest parts of the total cost of studying it has to be at the top of everyone’s list of cities to consider.

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Lets look at the total annual costs of doing a degree in London compared with Berlin.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) requires you to have a budget of at least £1,000 per month living expenses to study in London. Tuition fees for a Band C or Band D course in the UK now range from  £6000 – £9000 per year for EU students or £13000 – £15000 for international students.

So the total cost of a degree in London ranges from £18000 per year to an eye watering £27000 per year.

In contrast you can live comfortably in Berlin for €600 per month or less (approx £480). Tuition fees for a dBs Music degree in Berlin cost as little as £5440 per year for EU & international students.

So the total cost of our degree in Berlin is £11,200 per year. That’s £7000 less per year than the cheapest degree in London. So £21,000 saved over the life of the course. That either makes good reading for your parents or money you could save towards your first studio.

What this also means is that the low cost of living in Berlin makes private education in Berlin cheaper than public education in the UK. Of course you don’t have the benefit of the UK student loan system but our Easipay option should at least help.

And lets not forget – it’s not just one of the cheapest cities to live it’s also one of the coolest. From free raves in the park to art shows in abandoned kindergartens, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have the time of your life.

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