On Tuesday 4th March, one of our Tutors Ainsley Adams will be putting on quite an unusual event performed by the collective: ORXATA. Check out the details below and follow the link to the Facebook Event!

Orxata is one of the most unusual musical collectives of the current electronic scene in Valencia. They have managed to integrate the legacy of valencian 90’s techno and mediterranean traditional sounds with many peripheral rhythms such as cumbia, kuduro, funk carioca, moombahton and dubstep.
Throughout their almost 10 year carrer, the band has toured the Catalan speaking area, Spanish State, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Morocco. Orxata are known for their firm commitment to free culture, self-management and self-production. All their work is published under Creative Commons licenses, and available for free download online. They are also one of the first bands using wiki technology and social media to write their lyrics in a collaborative way.
Their two previous albums, “1.0” and “2.0”, have received awards, great critique from music journalists and mass appeal that has been growing in parallel to the band. For “3.0”, they raised over €14,000 using crowdfunding. With this third album and their short movie “TOT” (both recorded in Iceland in October 2012), the band have proven musical maturity leading press to prompt Orxata as one of the surprises for 2014.
Orxata will be Playing at Bi Nuu (Schlesisches Tor) on Tuesday the 4th of March at 20:00. The event will also include a support act and DJs.


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