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The Funkhaus

12 minutes on a tram from Friedrichshain past a very industrial landscape of a concrete factory sited opposite a power station the Funkhaus looms into view. This is a massive site which now contains 13 recording studios, 20 rehearsal studios, numerous artists studios and two world class recording halls. For some famous conductors it is their recording space of choice.

The Funkhaus is a truly unique location in Berlin, in Europe and possibly in the world. In it’s heyday prior to the wall coming down it contained the GDR equivalent of BBC Radio with some 3500 employees, two orchestras, numerous recording studios and a listening device in each room hidden behind the clock! Really. And this is where dBs Music is making it’s home in Berlin!


The space at the Funkhaus is nothing short of extraordinary. Already a hive of music production activity, we hope the dBs attitude of openness, creativity and passion will take it to a whole new level.
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dBs Magic

We believe learning should be a hands on experience and that students shouldn’t be fighting to access kit. As such we will be filling the place with lots of brand new kit that you’ll be able to use around the clock.
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We have chosen Berlin for our first site outside of the UK because frankly it is the most exciting city on the planet right now. And fast becoming a real capital for electronic music and studio production.
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