Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree



Experiment & innovate in music production and learn the craft of sound engineering.

Making music from day one, our Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree is for creative individuals who want to develop an extensive understanding of the creative process, experiment and innovate in music production and learn the craft of sound engineering. Working on recording, producing and mixing your own and others’ creative work, you will build comprehensive knowledge in industry standard tools and techniques. From here you will be pushed to explore and establish your own distinct and creative approach to music production.

COURSE LENGTH: 2 or 3 Years (24 weeks or 34 weeks)
TERM TIME: Sept 2017 – July 2019/20
COURSE FEES (3YR): €700 per month // or €7,200 per year
COURSE FEES (2YR): €930 per month // or €9,700 per year


Our Degree Courses

Our Bachelor (Hons) degrees are internationally recognised undergraduate bachelor of arts programmes, administered through the University of St Mark & St John. They’re suitable if have some prior experience in recording and/or production and aim to really push you both creatively and technically. You will go in-depth into each of the key areas, broadening your perspective and honing critical analysis skills to better understand and establish your own unique creative voice and style.

You can study our degrees as a standard three year course or as a fast-track two year course. Both delivery options contain exactly the same content, but the two year course also has an intensive summer semester each year.

“My favourite part was being in the studio with all these super enthusiastic, amazing and creative people. Making music with like minded people. Being able to have so much freedom, while being guided by professionals in an amazing atmosphere was really great.”

Creative Practitioner

Running through the heart of all our programmes is the fostering of creative practitioners. That means helping you develop your creative passions while positioning your professional trajectory. Alongside developing you as a business entrepreneur, we go further to develop your whole person allowing you to closely reflect, set goals, meet challenges and build resilience. You will learn to develop individual as well as collaborative strategies and be exposed to a wide variety of industry expertise and ideas to define your professional aspirations.

To progress successfully into employment in today’s music industry takes a lot of hard work, focus, commitment and passion. It also requires a strong set of competent skills and a well developed ‘creative muscle’. Our aim is to support you in developing all of these areas during your time at dBs Music Berlin!


Our degree courses are delivered in line with the UK HEFCE approved model with two 12 week semesters per year. The delivery pattern may vary, but your typical week has a minimum of:

8 hours of IT Lab, workshop & lecture lessons
4 hours of studio lessons

But we don’t think that’s enough! So we also offer Guest Lectures & Workshops, Bookable Time and loads more…

Guest Lectures
& Workshops

Our regular Guest Lectures & Workshops present guest speakers from all spectrums of the industry to share their unique experiences and personal insight into the professional (and creative!) world of music production, offering you different ways of looking at your future careers.


For 40 weeks in the year you can also book:

8 hours of tech supported IT Lab time, per week
4 hours of tech supported studio time, per week

We still don’t think that’s enough, so on top of all of that we also offer: Etikett Radio, performance opportunities in Berlin venues, societies, jam sessions & plenty of opportunities to get involved with parties & live events!


Collaborate, create and play with passionate, like-minded learners from around the world. Our international location brings a wealth of cultural & musical diversity to your experience.
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Learn with our team of international tutors, soaking up their extensive industry and academic experience. Our team will provide you with the care, support and stimulation to get the most out of your time with us.
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Our studio sessions are based in the incredible Funkhaus at Nalepastrasse you’ll be surrounded by some of the most amazing studios ever built. Alongside this you will also have access to our facilities at Gubener Strasse
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Pro Tools 101

To celebrate being the first AVID Pro School in Germany, we’re giving our Sound Engineering & Music Production Course students a little present. Well, actually quite a big present: an internationally recognised, AVID accredited, Pro Tools industry qualification called Pro Tools 101. This course normally costs around €500 Euro and is considered a basic requirement for employment in the industry.