Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma



Our one year Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma will develop your skill base to demystify the techniques and processes of music production and sound engineering. Working on collaborative, creative projects, you will study the many aspects of music production from recording & mixing, acoustics & listening skills to sound for moving image, music technology and industry practice, while learning to find your voice as a creative music producer.

COURSE LENGTH: 1 Year (36 Weeks)
TERM TIME: Sept 2017 – July 2018
COURSE FEES: from €650 per month


Our Diploma Courses

Our diplomas are hands-on to learn as much as possible about the capabilities and characteristics of technology and software systems, so that you can confidently achieve your own artistic vision. They’re relevant if you have limited or no experience in music production or if you really want to make that leap from hobby to artist! Whilst they may sound like introductory courses, they’re far from it. They deliver a broad depth of information and aim to get you working independently as well as collaborating on major projects from day one.

“My favorite part of the course was the big final production unit in which we produced whole songs from beginning to end in varying roles. Especially if you are new to the field, it is great to have one comprehensive unit that unites everything that you’ve learned.” Student at dBs Berlin 2014

Working in the music industry

Our courses are focused on providing a broad range of relevant skills to prepare you for working in the real world, helping you to bridge the gap between studying in a classroom and making a living from your work. This means having tutors who can pass on their own experiences, working on projects that can become your calling card, and picking up skills in areas not normally touched on by other courses.

Being based in Berlin, and with our studios at the Funkhaus, you’ll have access to hundreds of other producers, artists & musicians looking to collaborate and explore new projects.

To progress successfully into employment in today’s music industry takes a lot of hard work, focus, commitment and passion. It also requires a strong set of competent skills and a well developed ‘creative muscle’. Our aim is to support you in developing all of these areas during your time at dBs Music Berlin!


Collaborate, create and play with passionate, like-minded learners from around the world. Our international location brings a wealth of cultural & musical diversity to your experience.
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Learn with our team of international tutors, soaking up their extensive industry and academic experience. Our team will provide you with the care, support and stimulation to get the most out of your time with us.
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Based in our purpose-built EMP Lab and studios in Friedrichshain you’ll be surrounded by the latest in hardware controllers, synthesisers, drum machines and noise making devices!
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Pro Tools 101

To celebrate being the first AVID Pro School in Germany, we’re giving our Sound Engineering & Music Production Course students a little present. Well, actually quite a big present: an internationally recognised, AVID accredited, Pro Tools industry qualification called Pro Tools 101. This course normally costs around €500 Euro and is considered a basic requirement for employment in the industry.