When and How to Apply


We aim to make our application process as simple as possible. If anything is unclear please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Deadline for course applications is June 30th.

Although we have passed the deadline for priority applications this year, we will try to provide you with a place on your chosen course assuming that you fulfil the basic requirements of course entry.

Read about our entry requirements: https://www.dbsmusic.net/entry-requirements/


1. When to apply to a course starting September 14, 2020


To have the best chance of getting your place on any of our longer courses please apply by June 30, 2020


2. When to apply to a Summer School


If spaces are still available, the last date we will accept applications for these courses is 14 days before course start. In order to guarantee your place on a summer school please apply by June 30, 2020


The deadline to apply was February 29, 2020

Because of the bureaucratic process involved in obtaining a student visa (applicable to study on the full 3-YR BA only) we need you to apply early in the year. If you can access a Working/Holiday visa or other arrangement to attend a 1-YR course, get in touch with our admissions team to see if we can still accept your application. More information on visas here: https://www.dbsmusic.net/visa-resident-permits/


The following organisations have provided funding for BA or MA study with us:

2. How to apply

All our applications can be completed via the online forms at www.dbsmusic.net (including film and acting courses). Each course has slightly different requirements – but we will always need your personal and contact information. Read about our Privacy Policy here.

On the first page of every application form are detailed instructions on what materials are required. Simply select your course below to find out more:


We hope you find the necessary strength to deal with any challenges you face in the current crisis.

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Learn the essential tools and techniques for creating, mixing and mastering your own music and develop your portfolio as a producer, performer, DJ or practicing artist.

HE Certificate
1 Year

HE Diploma
2 Years

BA Hons Degree
3 Years


Develop your portfolio as a sound engineer and music producer whilst learning the tools and creative techniques required to record, mix, produce and master a wide range of music.

HE Certificate
1 Year

HE Diploma
2 Years

BA Hons Degree
3 Years

Summer School & Masters Programme

Summer School
4 Weeks

MA Creative Production (Music)
1 Year

Short Courses
2 Days

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*Our degrees are validated, audited and awarded by the University of St Mark & St John, a UK university.