Sound Engineer George Baird on the Art of Losing Your Preconceptions

When was the last time you admitted you were wrong? Like locking eyes with Sven Marquardt at Berghain, thrashing a video game on ironman mode, or – hell – working as a sound engineer, it ain’t always easy. But, to creatives, it’s an absolute essential.

As Creative Music Production and Sound Engineering student George Baird would tell you, the only way to, not only learn, but thrive in the industry, is to open your mind. Born into a musical family, and a self-confessed nerd, George naturally gravitated to the mixing desk and simply “making stuff sound good.”

We caught up with the budding sound engineer behind the scenes of our latest Studio Sessions with Charlton and Kamikaze Space Programme to get to know more of his story.


Engineering Versatility



You bounce back and forth. You have to be really versatile and open-minded.”


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