Behind the Scenes with Sound Engineer Risto Pikkarainen

Not all heroes wear capes – or, in the case of the music industry, microphones and musical instruments. When listening to performing artists, it’s easy to take smooth vocals and crisp instrumentals at face value, without stopping to consider the hardworking sound engineers and producers pulling the strings – or should we say wires – behind the scenes. In fact, quite ironically, you could say that the quality of their work is measured in how little we notice them.

But not today. Third-year Music Production and Sound Engineering student Risto Pikkarainen agreed to join us on the other side of the camera for a quick interview behind the scenes of our Studio Sessions with LAMIA. He gives us a window on his happy place, a.k.a the studio, as well as offering some sound advice for those wishing to follow in his footsteps.


Off the Record



My dream is to be in the studio as much as I can.”



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