Sound Engineers Maya & Shannon on Making Noise in the Industry

Hear that sound? It’s women making noise in the music industry. More specifically, sound engineers Maya de Mello and Shannon Bower. The pair, both dBs Music students, joined us for a quick behind-the-scenes interview in between the recording of our Studio Sessions with Cocktail Party Effect.

An inspiration to all women thinking of starting a career in music, nothing can get in the way of their passion and ambition – especially not sexism. With women representing as little as five percent of all sound and media professionals, according to Women’s Audio Mission, their message is a powerful one.

At 14, Maya already knew she wanted to be a sound engineer, at 15, she had set her mind on dBs Berlin, and now she has six collaborative EPs and two albums under her belt. The unstoppable duo sound off on what they love about their job and share their stellar career advice. Here’s to even more women in music this year!


Changing the Face of Sound



At the end of this, you’ve created something and put it out into the world; that’s the most rewarding thing that you could ever have.”



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