Can sampling RE:VIVE music?

Music producers are using samples in their craft more than ever. To give our students greater insight into this, we teamed up with RE:VIVE for a workshop.

is an initiative by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the national AV archive of the Netherlands. The initiative seeks to bring the worlds of audio archives and electronic music together to change the way we hear the past.


They work in a way that’s different to other heritage institution & artist collaborations. Instead of thinking in terms of installations or performance, they emphasise new releases. For RE:VIVE it is all about perception; installations and performances only exist for a moment in time but albums by design live on to be archived and rediscovered.


We offered them the chance to host their 5th workshop at our facilities and it looked like this: participants got a sample pack with a small batch of curated archival material around a theme, and then they were given a time limit. Using only the sounds provided, they were challenged to create a track. It’s a unique experience for music producers because more often than not, these creators have large windows of time and endless batches of material to pull from. Events like this improve critical listening skills, prioritization, rolling with ‘mistakes’ and embracing spontaneity.


The RE:VIVE workshop with dBs Berlin featured their Around the House Sample Pack: 24 normal domestic sounds like making breakfast, blenders, coffee machines, or a crying baby. If you want to challenge yourself, download the sample pack and set the clock for 3 hours. If you need some inspiration, look no further than Matthew Herbet’s Around the House or Matmos’s Ultimate Care II.

Take a listen to the results yourself:


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One comment on “Can sampling RE:VIVE music?

  • This sample pack features exclusive material provided by the University of Auckland from the Music of Samoa Collection. Chris Malloy made use of two ethnographic recordings neither of which appear on the film s official soundtrack.

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