Grow Your Greatness With Our New Creative Production Film M.A

Find out why our innovative Creative Production Masters Degree in Film could be the next big step in your filmmaking career. 

What’s your goal in filmmaking? It could be delving deep into a speciality or finally completing the big project on your to-do list. As someone who’s studied filmmaking, or has already worked in the industry, you’ve likely had ample time behind the camera, on-set or developing stories. It’s time to ask yourself what’s holding you back from taking that step further to turn your creative concept into reality.

With as many possibilities as there are potential obstacles in a saturated scene, the filmmaking profession can be a challenge to navigate. Perhaps you’re lacking solid foundations in your desired specialisation, or you just need a supportive environment in which to develop it. You could be sitting on a killer script that you’re dying to finish, or on the cusp of launching a film business.


Zoom in on Your Ambitions With Our New Creative Production Film MA | dBs Berlin


If you ask us, creativity is never not an option. If it’s expert mentorship, dedicated time, pro equipment, keen collaborators, or clarity of thought you need to achieve your ambitions, you’ll find it in our Creative Production Masters Degree in Film.

Launching in September 2020, our innovative film MA is your chance to launch your filmmaking career on an exciting new trajectory. This is your time to experiment, refine and develop your craft practically, theoretically, and with total creative autonomy. Like an educational sandbox, the programme is powered by self-directed learning. Set your own goals, define the outcome you want to achieve and map out the next steps in your creative career.


Zoom in on Your Ambitions With Our New Creative Production Film MA | dBs Berlin


You could be a director, cinematographer, editor, writer, producer, sound designer, audiovisual artist, entrepreneur, or all-round filmmaker and storyteller. Masters students will have access to filming equipment, a professional film studio with green screen and visual effects setup, post production suites and the technical support needed to develop ideas and theory into practice. Your project can focus on any topic or filmmaking technique – from a feature film or web series production, to a screenplay development, a visual arts installation or a VR multimedia piece.

What’s more, you’ll collaborate with film, acting and music degree students from over 59 countries, all from our historic Funkhaus location in the artists’ hub that is Berlin. Whether you take the hyper-flexible course for one year full-time or two years part-time is up to you.

Ready to master your creativity? For more information, watch the video below and head to the course page. Join us on the 23rd of November for a guided tour of our school, presentations and more. RSVP for our Open Day here and sign up here for updates on this course.


Creative Production Film M.A



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