Admissions Lead Sylvia Gozdek on How to Get Into dBs Berlin

They say that every day is a chance to change your life. But we’re a little biased, so we’ve put it at arouuunnnd the 30th of June – which is when our 2018 applications close FYI. Whether you’re fresh from school or you’re looking to change direction in life, if you’ve ever dreamt of kick-starting a career in music production, sound engineering, film production, screen acting or visual FX and animation, dBs Berlin is the right place to make it happen. In fact, we stand by our motto, “Don’t wait to create,” so much that we should probably just Sharpie it onto our foreheads.

With Round Two of applications now open, we caught up with admissions lead Sylvia Gozdek to talk further about the process, and to see if we could glean any important do’s and don’ts on how to get into dBs Berlin. You got this!


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how to get into dbs berlin

It’s always great to hear about what folks are doing in their creative life, and what they hope to be able to do with some study and support.”

Hey Sylvia, how’s it going?

I’m living the dream!

First of all, we’re dying to know more about you. Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at dBs Berlin.

To say just a bit about myself… Well I’m a Polish-American and I’ve been living in Berlin for coming up on three years now. I’ve recently acquired an interest in clay figure modelling, the skills for which have very little overlap with my role here at dBs Berlin, haha. But you can consider me the lead of our admissions team.

What does your typical day look like?

I arrive to our campus by bike which is a super lovely ride alongside the Spree. By 9:30 I am drinking my morning coffee and peeking into my inbox. My days are often punctuated by visitors, which I love because it’s always great to hear about what folks are doing in their creative life, and what they hope to be able to do with some study and support. Then around midday I get a pizza from Zola around the corner and spend my afternoon fighting off a nap/answering emails.

how to get into dbs berlin

If you have your heart set on joining us, the earlier the better.”

You must be so busy! Since you brought up admissions the other day and Round Two has just opened, we couldn’t not quiz you on the dBs Berlin application process. Can you tell us a bit about Round Two – is it more competitive than the first?

Yes, in a sense round two is more competitive because we’ve already received a lot of applications by this point in the year and our courses fill on a first come, first serve basis. If you have your heart set on joining us in September – or for our six-week summer course in July – the earlier the better. It can take from three to six weeks to complete the full application so plan ahead please.

how to get into dbs berlin

dBs Berlin is set to be even bigger next year, right?

We certainly hope so! With our new spaces at Funkhaus, we now have some room to grow. The class groups will remain small (between 16-20) so you will still get an intimate setting. But, because we’ve added new courses like Visual FX & Animation, a Screen Acting Bachelor and a Creative Production Masters Degree, we hope to host our biggest cohort of new students yet.

When do applications close?

The deadline for Round Two is June 30th. By this date, you will need to submit your online application, which is the first step in the process.

how to get into dbs berlin


One of the most enriching things you can do in your time with us is collaborate.”

As someone who has seen A LOT of applications, do you have any do’s and don’ts for prospective students?

Do: apply early, communicate with us if you need some extra time for a step, show us how motivated you are to learn, know how our courses align with your interests and goals, be nice and be honest.

Don’t: stress about the quality of any track or videos you submit (we won’t judge you) or submit multiple applications (it’s not a lottery, folks).

Haha, if only getting into dBs Berlin was as easy as buying out your village tombola. Are there any particular qualities that make prospective students stand out?

One of the most enriching things you can do in your time with us is collaborate. Working on projects with your fellow students who have different interests and skills than you is not only fun, but it also mirrors what you might spend your professional life doing. We like to see people who can work well with others. It’s also important for you to have an idea of where your skills are at currently. If this is clear, we can help you figure out where you want to go and how to get you there.

Are there any differences between the application processes of the music and film schools?

Yes there are a few differences. In the Screen Acting and Creative Production Masters applications, we require a Skype interview. For Electronic Music Production & Performance, Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering, and Screen Acting you will have to submit some work of your own. You can find the details for each process at the top of the online application forms.

how to get into dbs berlin

If you are ambitious, don’t hide that. We try hard to create a safe space for people to dream big.”

We actually just had some dBs Berlin open days. If people couldn’t make it, can they take a tour another time?

They most certainly can! We appreciate it when people make an appointment in advance, but generally on Fridays at 13:00 you can swing by and say hello.

And finally, do you have any words of encouragement?

If you are ambitious, don’t hide that. We try hard to create a safe space for people to dream big.

Thanks so much for talking to us!

Thank you for your interest!

Thinking of applying to dBs Berlin? To learn more about our entry requirements, click here.

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