From dBs to Catalyst: Everything You Need to Know About Our Name Change

We’re starting a new chapter of our journey with a bang! You guessed it: we’ve changed our name from dBs Berlin to Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology. As part of this rebrand, we’ve also got a fresh look and an exciting new website that will go live at the start of the new school year.

Since launching the dBs Berlin centre, we’ve watched our talented student body grow into a thriving international community. Our courses have multiplied and diversified into film, acting and visual effects. And, following our move to the Funkhaus, our leading learning facilities have gone from impressive to cutting edge. It’s a chemical reaction that’s been six years in the making; now we have the name and look to match our trailblazing identity!

Here’s everything you need to know about our rebrand.



Why the name change?

Our new name gives us the freedom to express the unique identity we have developed in Berlin. Our school was originally conceived as the first non-UK branch of the successful music production and technology education centre, dBs. While our UK counterpart has grown by opening new locations across the country, we have continued to develop our Berlin campus into a thriving international institute for creative arts and technology. Adding film, acting and visual effects to our renowned roster of progressive creative production and performance courses, we’ve transformed into a powerhouse of creative and collaborative possibilities.

Although we are now a separate holding company, we remain part of the wider dBs family, with the same history, shared values, shareholders and management. That means that when it comes to all things education, our school remains unchanged.


Why Catalyst?

A catalyst is… Something or someone that precipitates change. Something or someone that accelerates, energises or deepens transformation. A person whose enthusiasm or energy causes others to be more friendly or enthusiastic. An accelerator of a chemical reaction!

However you define it, the word catalyst aligns powerfully with our approach to learning. As an institution, we see ourselves as facilitators, fellow explorers and providers of challenge who precipitate growth in our community. As the creator, the student brings their elements to the process and creates new ones. We are merely catalysts of the student’s unique process of transformation.


Why Institute of Creative Arts & Technology?

We want our name to reflect everything we do. Not only do all of our subjects fall under the creative arts banner, but they revolve around many forms of technology. From the basic drumstick to the hi-tech green screen, technology is a tool to constantly expand our creative boundaries.


Why exclusively in Berlin?

What do you get when you combine students from 60 different countries with an international team that’s passionate about learning? A creative community as diverse as it is unique. This “melting-pot factor” sent dBs Berlin on its own individual trajectory, where tutors, staff and students could actively shape the education experience. Even our Funkhaus location and facilities are internationally unique – a truly special place which could only be in Berlin.

This city is a trendsetting hub – for creative entrepreneurship, events and festivals, and music and film scenes – unlike anywhere else in the world. We want to continue to grow in Berlin, as a home for artists and creatives from around the world.


What’s next?

Stay tuned for the launch of our brilliant new website, which will unite our music, film and acting schools and make navigating our courses, and discovering our stories, even easier. We look forward to sharing it very soon!


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