We’re moving haus: dBs Berlin at Funkhaus!

We’re excited. Very excited. We are relocating to a brand new facility to house our rapidly expanding institute of creative production. dBs Berlin at Funkhaus is just the beginning.



The Funkhaus is an internationally unique, extraordinary and atmospheric location that puts a smile on the face of every musician, DJ, sound engineer, producer, filmmaker, artist, actor or creative media person who walks through the door.

All our courses will be delivered from the Funkhaus by September 2017.



In the world renowned creative media metropolis of Berlin, the Funkhaus is situated alongside a beautiful spot on the river Spree. Only 14 minutes from the nightlife of Friedrichshain; it combines the convenience of a campus with buzzing big city life.


Creative campus

The redeveloped building complex will house a whole range of creative industry practitioners including:

  • live venues
  • clubs
  • recording studios operating at all levels of the industry
  • a TV production company
  • visual artists
  • regular TV and film location shooting
  • music festivals
  • our own internationally unique education and training facility


dBs facilities

The first phase of our new purpose built facility will include:

  • 27 studios/live rooms/production suites
  • an electronic music production lab
  • 5 IT workshop spaces
  • 2 ideas labs
  • a multi purpose lecture space
  • 2 film production offices
  • a film studio
  • flexible access to other extraordinary Funkhaus spaces


A place of smiles

There’s a contagious creative buzz in the air which you can’t help breathing in. We love it! It’s a perfect fit for the passionate approach we take to teaching and learning. We look forward to seeing you there.


**The images you see above include artist renditions of our future spaces. The real world may be less shiny.

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