dBs Berlin Summer School: How to Grow Your Greatness in Just 6 Weeks

What did you want to be when you grew up? An artist, an astronaut, just a little bit taller. Whatever your childhood dreams, the end game remained the same: to grow greater. Back then, anything seemed possible; life was a choose-your-own-reality adventure. So what changed?

Life itself, probably. The trappings of adulthood have a funny way of diverting us from doing what we love. Straying from the sensible path to boldly pursue the labyrinthine passage of creativity takes guts. It could mean anything from dropping an economy degree, to working evenings and weekends, to quitting your career in your 40s. There are no guarantees, just passion. But passion has the power to change the world – if you embrace it.

If you’ve ever dreamt of starting a career in music production, filmmaking or screen acting, the time is now. Here are all of the ways you can grow your greatness in just six weeks at the dBs Berlin summer school. Applications close on the 15th of May. No experience required – just you!


Don’t Wait to Create


Knock knock. “Who’s there?” It’s much more likely to be the pizza guy than that elusive opportunity you’ve been waiting for – and you’ve just turned vegan. There’s a reason “don’t wait to create” is our mantra at dBs Berlin; all you’ve got to do is take the first step, and we’ll give you the practical tools, skills, essential techniques and industry insight to finally turn your ambition to reality.

Taking place over the course of just six weeks, slap bang in the middle of summer, our summer school programme is the perfect window to focus on your personal development. Whether you’re in Berlin on a short tourist visa, taking a work holiday, or preparing to kick off a certificate, diploma or degree with us in September, we’ll open the door to the next stage of your creative journey.

Dream Big


dBs Berlin Summer School: How to Grow Your Greatness in Just 6 Weeks


Channel your inner astronaut – the creative universe is limitless. As our awesome admissions lead Sylvia Gozdek put it in our recent interview, “If you are ambitious, don’t hide that. We try hard to create a safe space for people to dream big.”

The I’m-not-sures, the I-can’t-dos, and the that’s-impossibles soon lose gravity in dBs Berlin’s thriving and boundary-pushing creative community. Who knows? In a year’s time you could be working on, or starring in, your first movie, or creating your debut album like our talented electronic music production alumni Lalume.


Learn by Doing


dBs Berlin Summer School: How to Grow Your Greatness in Just 6 Weeks


We’ve got a textbook phobia – there, we said it. Hands up if you actually retained any of those long-ass lectures or last-minute essays. Who else has studied French for more years than they’ve eaten warm croissants and still peut pas parler le Français? If you’re looking to grow your knowledge and skills, there is no magic formula or secret recipe. The key to learning – truly learning and understanding – is doing.

At the dBs Berlin summer school, we take you from zero to music producer, filmmaker or actor faster than you can say, “action!” Producing your own music, creating your own films, and personally starring in productions from the word go, you’ll get the most out of an intensive, hands-on learning experience.


Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate



You’re smart. You’re talented. You’re hard-working. But alone we can do so little, and together we can do so much. Fancy spending eight years making a seven-minute film? No, us neither.

Just as Ludwig Goransson and Ryan Coogler, composer and director of Black Panther, hit it off at film school, at dBs Berlin, you could form the partnership that’ll go on to make you the next big thing. Film lead Simon Obleščak got it spot on in our film and acting career advice guide: “You can never underestimate the power of knowing as many people as possible… I never got a job via an ad – always through a person who knows a person who knows a person.”

Proudly a part of Berlin’s cultural melting pot, dBs Berlin’s incredibly diverse community welcomes over 55 different nationalities. Teamwork is an integral part of the educational experience – working with like-minded coursemates and contemporaries from across our music, film and acting schools. Just check out our magical Studio Sessions series for a taste. Instantly gain the skills, connections and varied portfolio you need to catalyse your career.


Pursue Your Passion


dBs Berlin Summer School: How to Grow Your Greatness in Just 6 Weeks


Call it a cliché, but it’s a cold, hard fact: do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. You’ve taken the risk to kick-start your creative journey. You’ve invested six weeks in forming your best self. Now all you need to do is go out there and start building the life you love. Stay passionate, create your own opportunities, and don’t sweat creative limitations. As Electronic Music Production tutor Charlie Baldwin says in our inspiration guide, “Limitations allow good creative growth.”

Whether you’re hungry for more dBs Berlin study or you’re ready to make waves in your chosen industry, never stop thinking big.


Ready to grow your greatness? The deadline for summer school applications is the 15th of May, with the programme running for six weeks from the 24th of June to the 3rd of August. Learn more about the individual courses via the following links: Music Production, Filmmaking, Screen Acting.


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