dBs Live at the Funkhaus: Bad Tropes

The sixth band featured in our series of live performances from Funkhaus is Bad Tropes. Some dBs Berlin students and staff shot and recorded them in the stunning Saal 1. Please enjoy their track Miracles.

Bad Tropes was founded by Luke Troynar who went on to team up with producer/multiinstrumentalist, Jonny Zoum. They share a few things in common like being from Melbourne and both now living in Berlin. Also living in Berlin are their two other band mates Kirill Borisov and George Dimopoulos.

Jonny and George have another thing in common which is that they both work at dBs Berlin. We love having the chance to see our staff perform! The video captures a nice taste of the Bad Tropes aesthetic; with its darkly melodic resonance and atmospheric sound.  Please enjoy Miracles.


If you’d like to read more about the the band, we’ve got an interview with Jonny right here for you.

Hear more from them on Soundcloud and on Bandcamp.


Learn more about opportunities at dBs Music and dBs Film.

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