Etikett Radio Selector: Raphaël Faure aka Apothekk on Defying Expectations Through Music & Art

A band space travels through a wormhole to the medieval times. On cobbled streets, they land, to a cacophony of pots and pans. A sharivari. Their ship, a cold electronic beacon of the unknown, hypnotises the crowd. The Most Dangerous Gay strides out; three musicians aflame with punk swagger. Synths, guitars and wild beats fill the space where the racket used to be; an aurora of experimental energy. Between the rocket’s controls and the microphone is a Swiss in trickster guise. His name is Raphaël Faure, but in the future, they call him Apothekk.


  • Raphaël Faure aka apothekk on Defying Expectations Through Music & Art | dBs Berlin
The Most Dangerous Gay and ‘Cosmic Dream’ exhibition by photographer Anna Krieps


Granted, that’s a pretty obscure intro to the Electronic Music Production & Performance student and Etikett Radio creative director and host. But when you consider the many references the artist interprets in his music and art projects, the picture isn’t too far off – just wait until you scroll down to watch his interview.

Raphaël and classmates Victor Yrigoyen and Stephanos Pantelas recently formed the post-punk band The Most Dangerous Gay. Last week, in keeping with their “the element of surprise is a key element” ethos, they played an improv set at Switzerland’s SAUCE Festival. They were joined by special guest artist Regina Demina, from Raphaël’s experimental music and performing arts collective Music For Eggplant. Raphaël also performed his first solo show there as new-era producer Apothekk. It was all part of the programme he curated through his contemporary art platform Sharivari.

Last year in Berlin, I did the intensive contemporary dance programme at Tanzfabrik,” Raphaël told us. “My friends from the Rudelbums collective organisers of raves and club parties invited me for the first time to propose performances during a party that they organised with Berlin’s Disconnekt collective. They knew about my curatorial platform Sharivari, through which I organise exhibitions, events, performances and parties.”


Dancers Sylv Myst and Jocaste Zografou perform at SAUCE Festival, curated by Sharivari


“For SAUCE Festival, they asked me to do the art performance programme and a special musical line-up for Spoutnik cinema over one night. For my solo show, I invited my friend Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek to do the visuals and the two performers Sylv Myst and Jocaste Zografou to dance. Regina Demina joined our band’s improv performance.”

Pheewww! We’re not sure how Raphaël finds the time to juggle all of these projects and study, but the time travel idea is beginning to look more plausible. In our latest episode of Etikett Radio Selector, we caught up with the multifaceted artist to learn about his loud and spacey new show, also named Sharivari, and the concepts that drive his creative work. Press play below.



Follow Raphaël Faure‘s projects:

apothekk: SoundCloud, Instagram, website

The Most Dangerous Gay: SoundCloud, Facebook

Sharivari: Facebook, website

Music For Eggplant: Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram


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