Watch Our Community Collab on Hypertone Studio’s First Live Session

We believe that the greatness of a creative community is most accurately measured by the collaborative actions of its members. That makes dBs Berlin really, really, really great. Because collaborations at our school don’t just stop at the students; they connect the whole network of students, tutors, tech staff, storytellers, alumni and beyond. The latest to shout about is an exciting new project by music tech, mixing engineer and Hypertone Studio co-founder Valerio Massucci.

By kicking off the Hypertone Studio Session series, Valerio aims to promote both up-and-coming and established artists of diverse genres. “I always wanted to create synergies within the realms of the music scene,” he tells us, “and this was a great opportunity, in my vision, to give artists exposure and a chance to push their music on a broader scale, as well as creating awareness of Hypertone’s name.” The result is as intimate as it is authentic. “We basically shoot the sessions in my room which has enough space to host a four-piece band,” Valerio continues. “We shut our soundproofing doors and windows, put the machine on record, get the camera rolling and let the magic happen.”

In the first episode, Electronic Music Production & Performance alumna Emme Moisés performs two stellar tracks from her latest album Into the Darkness, with stunning instrumentals by Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering student Alonso Boniche and EMP student Samaquias Lorta. The session is the perfect combination of electronic and acoustic, with charango and cello providing an extra dimension to Emme’s beautifully spacey soundscapes. Valerio was, of course, in charge of recording the audio, with camera and editing work by Pavel Doušek and film tech and fellow musician Jason Gold.

If you missed our Urban Spree welcome party – or you fell in love with Emme’s music while you were there – this is one video you need to watch today. Press play below and keep and eye out on YouTube for the next, “noisy and acid coloured,” episode.



Hypertone Studio Session #1



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