Actor Edan Rowett on Finding Inspiration Closest to Home

Superhuman strength. Telekinesis. Night vision. Being a good parent.

You don’t see Batman defeating the Joker with the power to be a good parent, but think about it: if the Joker never killed young Bruce Wayne’s parents, he’d have no villain to vanquish – not this one anyway. Also… Batman doesn’t exist.

The point is, that many of our so-called superheroes – from Wonder Woman to a wonderful movie director – live on screens and comic strips. Are they inspiring? Yes. Are they iconic? Yes. But will their intangible influence ever compete with the real people closest to us? Unlikely.

For Screen Acting student Edan Rowett, iconic doesn’t necessarily mean famous. As part of our My Icon series, he reminds us of the power and importance of everyday heroes.


My Icon


Screen acting student Edan Rowett my icon


There are many contenders for my icon who have made a lasting impression on me. These people range from Tarantino to Kubrick, and from Pacino or DeNiro to DiCaprio and Depp. But if I go to the root of what an icon is to me – a truly noteworthy, strong, clever and compassionate person – there is no celebrity that can take the crown from my mother.

She raised and cared for me, whilst still working a full-time job and starting a business to try and cover expenses. She did all this without the support of a family or partner, yet still managed to give me the chance to discover a world of art and happiness. It didn’t matter how much I screwed up or which mistakes I made; she was always there to support me and guide me back onto the right path.

My mother motivates me in whatever I do and I hope that someday I can repay her by giving her the security and luxury she deserves. I firmly believe that the everyday ‘heroes’ are often the most extraordinary. Everybody should take the time to be grateful for all that their nearest and dearest have done for them over the years.”


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