Music Producer Emme Moisés on Breaking Boundaries Through Sound

In space no one can hear you scream. They can’t hear your slick beats either, but who cares when you’ve got a pair of mind ears and a galaxy of bright ideas to discover? Providing a fittingly sci-fi soundtrack for the exploration of space and time is talented Argentinian music producer Emme Moisés.

The Music Production and Performance student has been playing acoustic and electronic musical instruments for over ten years, citing Carl Sagan, Kiasmos, Isaac Asimov and Jean Michel Jarre as some of her influences. In 2016, Emme self-released her debut album Life at the Edge of a Black Hole, which, as atmospheric and introspective as it sounds, reminds of the beauty of being alone, and the limitless creativity it can bring. Her new album is due to release later this year.

For our My One Thing series, we caught up with Emme to find out what fuels her expansive creative universe. See if you can spot her awesome space reference.


My One Thing


“I create to release myself from the boundaries of my skin.”


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