DJ & Producer Kevin Davies on Making the Space to be Creative

Imagine you could step outside of yourself for a minute; peer through a screen into your own head. What do you think you would see? A ctrl-alt-delete moment of tasks and background processes, probably. Bottomless browser tabs that you’ve forgotten why you even opened anyway. A murmur of voices vying for your attention. And files. So. Many. Files. Like planting a rose in a rubbish tip, it’s hardly an environment for creativity to grow and flourish.

DJ and producer Kevin Davies understands this all too well. Having worked in startups in London and New York, he now juggles a stressful job with studying Music Production and Performance at dBs Berlin – all while working on his debut EP. How on earth does he do it? One thing: meditation.


My One Thing


“We live in an age where it’s so easy to get distracted.”


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