Picture Stories: Relive the 2019 dBs Film Awards Celebration

At dBs Berlin, we don’t just teach our students; we share a story. Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. And in that story, we see our courses as a catalyst of events. We watch with bated breath as the protagonists’ journeys unfold and build, each character arc as unique as the rest. Sadly, at the school year’s end, the credits have to roll. But as everybody knows, only in the best stories is the ending also a beginning.

Our 2019 Film Awards, at Kreuzkölln’s Refugio, marked the end of an action-packed school year, and for some, the end of their dBs Berlin journey altogether. The celebration was the culmination of months spent honing and hard grafting in Film Production and Screen Acting. The showstopping short films and performances that were awarded on the evening were a testament to the exceptional creative skill our students have built. What’s just beginning is a rip-roaring roller coaster ride of international film festival screenings, and a rocket launch of many wonderful careers.

Film Production student Dico Baskoro, one of our favourite photographers, balanced celebrating with capturing the jubilant evening. Scroll down to relive the 2019 dBs Film Awards festivities and zoom in on some of the best films of the evening here.


2019 dBs Film Awards


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