Pre-Order Volume Zero of Catalyst’s Limited-Edition Cassette Series Now

It’s official: cassette tapes are back – though if you ask dBs Berlin’s resident audiophiles, they’ll tell you they never went away. Who couldn’t love the tactility of clunking a cassette into a vintage walkman or stereo? Or the collectibility of the nostalgic medium, in the fleeting age of digital?

That’s why we’re launching our own collectible cassette series – a new volume release each semester, showcasing a curated, multi-genre selection of the very best tracks by the musical talents catalysed at our school. The limited-edition cassettes are available to purchase by the public, and all the proceeds will go back into funding the ongoing project.

The inaugural compilation, Volume Zero, will celebrate our transition from dBs Berlin to Catalyst, including diverse alumni tracks which date all the way back to our creative community’s early days.

Volume Zero releases at the end of September. Click here to pre-order yours now!


Pre-Order Volume Zero of Catalyst's Limited-Edition Cassette Series Now | Catalyst Berlin

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