Project Warp: Past and Present

Project Warp presents a night of live electronic artists and DJs from dBs Music UK and dBs Music Berlin: take a look at our past and see what’s happening tomorrow!

This annual night of music is where we invite students from our sister schools in Bristol & Plymouth to join the stage with our Berlin students. We pick a new club venue every year for fresh setting and then unleash an unforgettable event which features wildly international acts.


Below you will find some short bits on previous dBs Berlin students who have participated in Project Warp. At the very bottom of this little archive, you will also find a link to the Facebook event for the one we have going tomorrow – we hope to see you there!


A showcase of Project Warp-ers


This solo project features an icelandic electronic music producer based in Berlin by the name of Daði Freyr Pétursson. As Mixophrygian he performs live with synths, drum machines, midi controllers and his voice. He plays 80s influenced alternative dance synthpop electronica. Most recently, Daði and his band came in second for the running to represent Iceland in the 2017 Eurovision Song competition! Here he is with his sister at a live night from last year:

Shatter Hands

Behind the name Shatter Hands is danish born producer Johan Klinkvort. While he has been making hiphop beats for a long time, in recent years his style has evolved from sample based organic hiphop beats to a more electronic approach on making music. And boy has he seen success with this new interest! Last year he won CDR’s Dimension Sounds contest, giving himself a spot to perform at their festival which goes by the same name.


Arbus Paik

Italian born and raised, Arbus Paik (aka Marco Tabacchi) is a Berlin-based DJ and producer. His exposure to a variety of musical influences such as Carl Craig, Mr. G, Lawrence and many others explains his vast perspective on electronic music. Deep basses, pads, vocals, flutes, and house techno drums are found in his productions and live sets, while in DJing he explores house and techno from the 90’s till present. Marco is also co-Founder of the collective Octavibes which features a load of dBs Berlin graduates AND they have a chill-out party planned for this Sunday. Watch an interview with Arbus Paik below:

Sarah Kivi

Hailing from Finland with Iranian roots, Sarah explores the multiple ways one can affect vocals to assist in the painting of vibrant soundscapes. Self-identifying as a singer, songwriter, producer and groove conductor, Sarah was a featured performer for the CDR event back in March of this year. You can watch a highlight video from that night here:

CDR Berlin March 2017 from Funkytraveler on Vimeo.


Freak A. Della

Freak A. Della is the moniker of first generation Cambodian American Norom Bou. She combines her classical music training and interest in electronica and hip hop to produce some killer DJ sets and incredible music. Her 25 years of training in classical music earned her an uncanny ear for mixing genre. In her free time she gets nerdy about music; her most recent research endeavor explores the influence of sound on taste. Watch her talk about her interest in this and the programme she hosts on our student led radio channel etikett:



Born in Nigeria, raised in the UK and having hustled in America, Temisphere deals in the sound of AfroTech: a blend of the dark melodic tones of techno with rhythmical African percussion. Her passion for storytelling in her music is unapologetic about sampling the voices of Maya Angelou or Bane to help express what is on her mind and inspire others to do the same. The submissions she gave to last year’s Feedback Session with Universal and brandnewmusic got rave responses and she recently blessed us with her debut EP “A battlefield of the mind”.

Projet Warp 2017


So you’ve had a taste of what we’ve served up in the past for Project Warp; don’t miss your chance to see what we’ve got lined up for tomorrow. You can meet us at Badehaus starting from 21:30 to experience it for yourself. We can’t wait to see you there!

Facebook event





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