New Screen Acting Diploma: dBs Film

At dBs Berlin, learning is doing. In our brand new Screen Acting Diploma course you’ll fill a year doing more than you ever thought possible.

Get you on camera

Our goal is to do the above as much as humanly possible within a year.

Naturally because we have a bunch of filmmakers here, you will work in tandem with those on the Filmmaking Diploma. They will have you staring in multiple film productions every week, from daily run-and-gun shoots to lengthier, more involved and professional projects. You’ll feature in short films, commercials, music videos, web series and more. Forget written tests and dusty textbooks on theory – get out there and do it.

Train your body and voice

When you’re not rehearsing or on set, you’ll join workshops with working professional tutors to train and help you understand how to:

  • convey emotion
  • develop a range
  • collaborate with a director to deliver a brilliant performance

We’ll answer these questions and more together. Combined with regular feedback sessions, roundtable discussions and consultations to drive at your personal voice, your creative muscle is going to get a workout.

The 21st century

And what is a screen, anyway? Is it the 20-meter silver screen? Is it the 20-cm screen on your phone, tablet or even wristwatch?

To that we say, “yes.” As a future professional actor in the 21st century, you need to know how to perform at any size and format. What new stories can you tell with new mediums? What new frontiers can you explore as an artist in web and new media? Emerging technology changes the face of entertainment on a daily basis. Let’s get out there and conquer it.

By the end of the year, your diverse showreel will present a performer that is versatile, skilled and worldly. Nowhere else will you get so much experience packed into a single year; and all in Berlin, the city built by the rebels, the scrappers and those unafraid to do it themselves.

Reach out to us today to find out more

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