Sound Engineer & Producer Marco Dray on Following Your True Passion

Find out why Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering student Marco Dray decided to study music production instead of getting a Masters degree in business, in this behind the scenes video from our latest Studio Session with rapper Augustyn. 

True passions are like road signs. You’ll walk many paths in life – some by choice, some not so much. Your feet could trek for miles or years in all possible directions, but those same signs won’t stop cropping up. Does the walker choose the path, or does the path choose the walker?

After three years studying business management, Marco Dray could no longer divert from his true calling: electronic music production. A love for Berlin brought him to dBs where he began studying Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering this year. The decision to follow his passion has already opened his creative horizons and scored him a DJ gig at Berlin’s clubbing institution Watergate – and this is only the beginning.

We caught up with Marco behind the scenes of our latest Studio Sessions with rapper Augustyn to learn more about his inspiring story. Watch the video below, and follow his projects, Midnight Machiine and Perspectiv Arts Kollectiv.



The Path to Success



I’m also growing as a human, not just as an artist. I think all in all it’s super good and I’m loving the experience.”


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