Sound Engineer & Producer Thorir Davidsson on Letting Learning Lead the Way

We don’t teach anything. Pretty odd coming from a school, we know, but the truth is that your learning journey starts and ends with you. Whether you’ve had previous tuition or you’re starting your career anew, our only speciality while you’re with us is helping you explore you.

From schooling himself via YouTube videos in Iceland to making the big, blind, move to join us at dBs Berlin, Thorir Davidsson’s dedication to learning about his passion has remained unshakable. ‘Work, don’t party,’ the Creative Music Production and Sound Engineering student replies with a smile to the last question of our interview. And judging by his chill throughout the recording of our strings-tastic latest Studio Sessions with singer and composer Cecilie Sadolin, his hard graft speaks for itself.

We caught up with Thorir behind the scenes to learn more about his creative journey – including some of the challenges he’s encountered along the way. Watch the video below.


Riding the Sound Wave



Don’t party, be at home working. Go on YouTube and learn some stuff. Just do it.”


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