Actor & Creative Frank Peroni on the Power of Self-Expression

The purpose of life is self-expression. So goes the famous line from champion of individualism, Oscar Wilde. And whether or not you agree, you’ve got to admit that living with self-expression is one of the most empowering acts there is. It means speaking your truth in the moment; widely defining yourself; engaging in creative pursuits and techniques; acquiring self-knowledge; pursuing your passions and ambitions; and knowing when to step back when things aren’t right for you.

Screen Acting Diploma student Frank Peroni is the picture of this. Never to be pigeonholed as just an actor, the Italian performing artist also dabbles in production design and mixed-media art as well as being a multi-faceted model. Fun fact: he also cuts hair and plays the ukulele (hopefully not at the same time). Having spent years exploring the world, he set down his suitcases in Europe’s most free-spirited city to write the next chapter of his creative story – or should we say script?

In the second episode of our Space to Create series, we follow Frank as he talks about the inspiring journey of self-expression that led him to Berlin.


Space to Create



Berlin is such a free and multicultural city and, for sure, the people are way more free here than other places in Europe that I’ve experienced.”

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