Introducing Our Exciting Collaboration With Manchester’s Spirit Studios

We’re joining forces with Spirit Studios – the legendary audio engineering and music production school in Manchester – for an inspiring virtual exchange programme. Learn all about Interface below.


Interface Project 2020


What is an interface? It’s that magical point where two systems, subjects or organisations meet and interact. For dBs Berlin and Manchester’s Spirit Studios – two forward-thinking schools with audio engineering and music production courses in common – it means an exciting convergence of ideas and culture, no matter the distance.

We recently launched our collaborative Interface project to creatively bridge the gap between two of Europe’s most progressive musical cities, despite recent travel restrictions. Why? Because, however you approach it, collaboration equals innovation.


dBs Berlin Electronic Music Production & Performance students Mimi Kantola and Noam Ackerman peforming at Signals Festival 2019


The 12-week virtual exchange brings together four students from each of our schools to work on a musical project of their choice – be that creating a film score or shooting a music video. Working in pairs, the students will employ a series of online platforms to work remotely and cross-pollinate ideas for their joint project – all culminating in an online showcase of their work.

Judged on their virtual performances, one of the pairs will be selected to perform at dBs Berlin’s Signals Festival. Our annual Signals event showcases everything from short film screenings to live electronic music performances and sound installations.



dBs Berlin and Spirit Studios


The Interface project was hatched by Spirit Studios principal Adrian Greensides and dBs Berlin founder David Puttick. The idea was to initiate a collaboration between two similar creative institutions in two of Europe’s most musically minded cities, in order to facilitate new and exciting opportunities for students from both of our schools.


Watch This Space


Keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for regular updates about the project. We can’t wait to see what these talented students will achieve when they put their heads together!


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