Rapper & Producer Augustyn Performs Live For Studio Sessions

Feeling down? Our latest Studio Sessions performance by Polish rapper Augustyn is guaranteed to lift you right up. Feeling just fine? Then prepare for a lyrical level-up. But first, sit down, breathe out, meditate. Imagine you’re floating in the ocean, gentle waves lapping against the shoreline. In, out, in, out, in out. The water is clear and soothing. In, out, in out. The sun’s rays are warm against your face. In, out, WAIT. A tidal wave!

Augustyn is both the swell and the tsunami. Overflowing with unstoppable passion and enthusiasm, the Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering Bachelor student’s brilliant lyrics and buoyant beats can keep a whole room bopping. His recently released album Sorcerer strikes the perfect balance between deep and playful. The provocative artwork’s witty “Enlightenment Advisory Conscious Content” warning label couldn’t be more telling. Spitting bars in the face of the genre’s negative stereotypes, Augustyn’s vocals preach happiness, health and spiritual awareness.

In our second episode of the season, Augustyn performs just-released single ‘Spaced Out‘ and ‘Only Way’ from the Sorcerer album, riding the good vibes of some of his best school mates. Watch the super-energetic performance below, and scroll down to play the behind-the-scenes interview.


Studio Sessions




Behind the Scenes



“I really think that if you strip everything out, if you take away the personality, the ego, the worries, the fears, the emotions, you’re just left with organic, cosmic happiness.”


Stream and download ‘Spaced Out’ here and Sorcerer here. Follow Augustyn on Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.

Watch the previous episode of Studio Sessions with singer, composer and producer Cecilie Sadolin here.

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