Analog Artist Cocktail Party Effect Performs Live For Studio Sessions

It’s Saturday night and you’ve shown up, alone, to the heaving flat of your best mate’s vague acquaintance for someone’s – you have no idea who at this point – birthday party. The room is a white noise of conversation, but somehow all it takes is a murmured “modular analog synthesis” for you to instantly find your people.

There’s no doubt that Charlie Baldwin, a.k.a Cocktail Party Effect, had a very similar experience before coming up with his smile-enducing artist name. That uncanny ear-tuning ability is also perfectly fitting to his music, using an insane collection of analog equipment to simultaneously mash up multiple sounds and genres into distinctive experimental techno.

The talented Berlin-based producer, performer and dBs Music tutor, joined us earlier this month for a wow-worthy Studio Sessions showcase. Watch it below, and scroll down for his behind-the-scenes interview.


Studio Sessions





Behind the Scenes




“You really feel like you’re a part of this machine.”


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