Torstraßen Festival

Torstraßen Festival is on its “7-year itch” and in that time has become an established cultural project. Don’t miss the chance to see all the local talent!

Torstraßen Festival starts today

Kicking off today, Torstraßen Festival is set in the heart of Berlin in Mitte and features a variety of truly local sounds. Some of our students will be soaking it all up as volunteers helping behind the scenes. Festival organisers, Andrea Goetzke and Melissa Perales, came to dBs Berlin a few months ago to give our students insights into how they run the festival; from booking to budgeting to production. And honestly, they sound as if they are the nicest music festival we’ve ever heard of.

Not only do they put a special emphasis on featuring musical acts who are still ‘green’ and from Berlin, but because they are funded through the Berlin Music Commission, the tickets cost only €18 a day!! Pretty good deal considering all the acts they’ve lined up for you, just check out what’s happening Saturday.

Torstraßen Festival 2017 from Torstraßen Festival on Vimeo.

A DIY music fest

In 2017 the festival looks back on a 7 year history as a DIY music festival. In cooperation with venues, cafés, shops and bars in their neighbourhood they put on a 4-day event showcasing current left-field and cross-genre work. “We see ourselves and our festival goers as explorers, who are not afraid to trust their curiosity instead of big headliners. We strive to be a forum for current and relevant development within Berlin’s music scenes: for locals, transients and their influencers.”

Listen to what Andrea and Melissa had to say to our students about how it all works below.

Torstraßenfestival 2017 will take place 8 – 11 June, 2017. Buy your tickets now.

When you go, be on the lookout for the many students we have volunteering. You will be able to find them:

  • assisting the tech director
  • managing doors/parties/guest lists
  • being stagehands


Learn more about opportunities at dBs Music

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