Watch This Video to Discover Our Cutting-Edge Visual Effects Degree Course

Art is not what the creator sees, but what viewers experience. In our cutting-edge Visual Effects HE Certificate and Bachelor courses, we believe that if it can be imagined, it can be put on screen. Do you see yourself as a visionary mind with the potential to transform green screen into fantasy, computer code into streams of creativity, and still images into animated 3D masterpieces? Through hands-on learning, collaborative projects and real-world challenges, we’ll give you the skills and tools you need to kick-start your career as a VFX artist.

Keen to learn more about Visual Effects at dBs Berlin? Watch our course explainer video below, and click here for more details. The final 2019 application deadline is the 2nd of August.


Visual Effects at dBs Berlin



For more, read last year’s interview with Visual Effects course lead Matthieu Schmit.

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