Actor Benjamin Bishop on Not Waiting To Create

In our latest Where Are They Now episode we interview Benjamin Bishop, actor and Screen Acting Certificate alumnus and find out how he became a professional actor shortly after graduating.

From plate to stage. Actor Benjamin Bishop couldn’t have chosen a more dramatic career change. Working as a chef in Switzerland, he could no longer brush his lifelong hunger to become an actor under the tablecloth. Throwing all his passion at the wall, like the proverbial spaghetti, Benjamin enrolled in our Screen Acting Certificate determined to make his dream stick. Spoiler alert: it did! Thanks to his yes-to-everything attitude and the invaluable mentorship of Screen Acting programme lead Adam Donald, Benjamin turned his life around.

In our latest Where Are They Now? video, current student Siebe Schoneveld catches up with Benjamin to learn how he became a professional actor only six months after graduating. Plus, all the exciting projects he’s involved in now. Press play below!


Where Are They Now?


“Whatever I do, I want to keep learning and just be the best I can.”


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