Musicians Saints Sound on Dreaming Big in Berlin

In our latest Where Are They Now episode we interview the creative music production & sound engineering alumni behind Saints Sound. 

Thriving in our international creative community, the American trio hit it off with their super-sound and switched-on British classmate Rob Wilson. From rock band to production company and much more; since then, the tenacious group have been strumming the silver strings of success.

Where are they now? Current student Saebrinde Clayton interviews the alumni behind Saints Sound to learn more about their exciting projects and their secrets to creative growth. In the words of the brothers’ Grandpa Leo, take off your coat and stay awhile. “We found music as our passion, and we wanted to be in a place that was conducive to our personality, our perspective of the world, and Berlin was the right fit – dBs was even more of a fit.” It all clicked into place for multi-talented musical brothers Rocco, Marco and Dominic Santucci when they joined dBs Berlin to study our Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering Bachelor in 2016.

Watch the video and hear more about the their inspiring story.


Where Are They Now?


Saints Sound

“The school gave us a great place to come and learn and to grow. It was more like a peer-to-peer mindset; your tutors were really cultivating your creativity and letting you take it where you wanted to.”

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Curious where dBs Berlin could take you? Learn more about our Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering courses here. The final 2019 application round closes on the 2nd of August (student visa applications are no longer possible for this year).

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