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Length3 Years
StartSeptember 17, 2018
Term (3YR)17.09.2018 – 05.2021
FeesOur Course Fees
DeadlineEarly bird before 01.02.2018


Our flagship Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering Bachelor Degree (BA HONS) is a profound focussed and innovative course providing you with the opportunity to hone your craft as a sound engineer, a music producer and a master of music technology.

Record, mix, produce and master your own and other’s work and develop a comprehensive knowledge of industry standard tools, technical know-how and creative technique. Explore and establish your own distinct approach as a sound engineer and music producer with which to pursue a successful career in the music industry.


This course is an opportunity to spend an inordinate amount of time pursuing your passion and building yourself a new future. As a starting point you should be excited about several or all of the following things:-

  • recording, mixing and mastering your own tracks, songs, albums or film soundtracks
  • providing sound engineering expertise to support studio recordings for others
  • providing music production expertise to support studio recordings for others
  • providing creative input to someone else’s track, song, album, composition for film etc
  • building a comprehensive knowledge of industry standard tools and techniques
  • developing finely honed listening skills
  • building an appreciation of classic music productions from the last 75 years
  • developing new and innovative music production methodologies
  • establishing your own distinct and creative approach to music production
  • building a career in the music industry
  • spending 3 years living and working in the most exciting city on the planet for music makers
  • full immersion in Berlin’s music scene
  • collaboration with local music industry entrepreneurs in festivals, conventions and events
  • working in collaboration with an international community of like minded people
  • being supported by a team of experienced facilitators who know you by name, care about your creative development and truly give a damn
  • moving city, country or continent in order to pursue something you love

Progressing successfully into employment in today’s music industry takes hard work, focus, commitment, grit, patience and passion. It also requires a broad set of skills, a well developed ‘creative muscle’ and an entrepreneurial spirit.

You may not have all of those things under your belt just yet but a prerequisite for attending any course at dBs Berlin is that you must be passionate about building and developing those skills.


Our bachelor degrees (BA HONS) are internationally recognised undergraduate bachelor of arts honours programmes, validated and administered by our partner the University of St Mark & St John.


We will enable you to imagine, develop and build the best version of yourself you can be. This is your chance to THINK BIG! But if you’re planning to think big you’ll need to develop a whole range of skills to help you reach your goal.

Whilst you hone your core music production expertise we will guide you in developing another set of skills and attributes. A set of skills which we all need to develop if we want to achieve our goals in life whether that be success in the music industry or anything else you might have planned.

This part of our unique educational approach starts with this question –

“What are the essential attributes or skills that make a person successful in life and how can they best be learnt?”

We use the word ‘success’ in the broadest terms. Whatever your own definition of success, there are a range of tools, skills, attributes and habits you can develop which will significantly increase your chances of achieving that success.

It is now widely recognised that these skills and attributes are the essential building blocks that will help turn a talented, hardworking human being into a genuinely successful one.

At dBs Berlin we also believe that personal well being and happiness are essential to living a truly successful life and we encourage our students to incorporate this into their own development.

Much of this learning will be delivered within other modules and our intention is that most of the time you may not even be aware that you’re in the process of developing these skills.

Listen to Tracks Produced by Our Students

In the end it doesn’t matter what we say or do. What matters is what our students are doing during their time with us. Have a listen, leave some comments, decide for yourselves.

Our Tutors

Florian Zwietnig

In addition to being the programme lead for our Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree, Florian has a Masters degree in psychology and over 20 years of experience working as a musician and producer. ...

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Ainsley Adams

Ainsley is a producer and sound engineer with 2 Latin Grammys to his name and a long list of credits including Beverley Knight’s Soul UK ...

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Brian Greene

Brian is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin. As a vocalist and lyricists he has numerous published collaborations released on labels such as Planet Mu, Airflex and Kinnego Records. As a co founder of ...

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Cem Oral

Cem has always been immersed in great musical diversity. He began his career working as an audio engineer in Frankfurt back in the early ‘80s. Years later he began producing hip-hop and pop-acts like BVSMP and George ...

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Kerim Karaoglu

Kerim Karaoglu is a composer and sound-designer working in the field of electroacoustic music, live-electronics, audio/visual installations and contemporary dance/theatre. He graduated with a degree in electronic ...

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Dean Roberts

Dean brings his experience and knowledge from a long international career as an artist and educator. His music was described by Wire magazine as “less of an attempt to blend genres than a demonstration of how for the ...

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Brian Flynn

Since earning his degree in composition and music technology, Brian has worked professionally in music creation and production for media outlets like BBC and SKY television via his collaborations with ULTRAPHONIC. From ...

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Max Trieder

Max Trieder has produced, engineered and/or mixed more than 30 rock and pop releases for artists including The Hirsch Effekt, ...

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Geoff Wright

Geoff Wright is a producer, DJ and violinist with over 10 years’ industry experience across areas including composition, production, live performance and session recording. His background in classical training is complemented by his extensive ...

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Our Spaces

We’re excited. Very excited. dBs Berlin have relocated to a brand new purpose built facility at the Funkhaus to house our rapidly expanding institute of creative production.

The Funkhaus is an internationally unique, extraordinary and atmospheric location and it’s hard to imagine a better location for creative endeavour and learning.

All courses are now delievered at our Funkhaus campus.

Want to look around? We welcome you to sign up for an Open Day. These are a great opportunity to speak to our staff, students and see our facilities.

More About Our Spaces


Your success depends entirely on you – what you bring to the course, your approach to learning and the grit, passion and sheer determination with which you build your future.

The employment model in the music industry has been transformed over the last 20 years. There are still roles with permanent contracts but it is much more likely that you will work either as a freelancer or as part of a small startup which you will have set up with friends or colleagues.

As our cohorts of Berlin degree students graduate, they quickly progress into exciting real world projects and careers. Here’s a selection to whet your appetite:

  • music for an ad campaign for C&A
  • music for an Italian fashion brand
  • audio logo for Galeries Lafayette
  • audio logo for an Italian telecommunications company
  • sound installations at four art events in Berlin
  • sample packs for Loopmasters
  • house engineer for a club in Berlin
  • field recording with Chris Watson
  • songs signed to BMG
  • designing proposals for improving background noise in cities
  • music and audio for a game featured on Indiedb
  • live engineer on various European tours
  • mastering engineer
  • started new hip hop record label
  • working at a music school in Israel
  • a sound installation at Moscow MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)
  • artist signed to a indie label in USA

Our UK centres have been running successfully for many years and have had graduates working across the music industry from Abbey Road Recording Studios to the Glastonbury Festival and everything in between.

Many students also decide to opt for further specialised study at masters level.

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