Key Facts

Length3 years
StartSeptember 14, 2020
Term (1YR)14.09.2020 - 21.05.2021
Term (2YR)14.09.2020 - 05.2022
Term (3YR)14.09.2020 - 05.2023
FeesFrom €975 a month
DeadlineApply by Aug 24

Why wait to create?

Establish your own distinct approach as a sound engineer, a music producer and a creative music technologist.

Our flagship Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering Bachelor Degree (BA Hons) is a profound focussed and innovative 3 year course that focuses on learning by doing. Using challenging real-life scenarios you will develop all of the industry standard tools, technical know how and essential techniques required to record, mix, produce and master music whilst you build a sound engineer or music producer portfolio and your own unique profile.

Fully immerse yourself in the subject whilst developing comprehensive knowledge of practical tools, technical and creative techniques, industry knowledge, critical analysis and the human attributes required to pursue a rewarding and successful career in sound engineering, music production, mastering, sound design, and a whole range of opportunities within the wider music, film and gaming industry.

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Be honest with yourself. Take a look at the following list. How many of these things excite you. The more boxes you tick the more likely it is that our course is for you.

  • establishing your own distinct and creative approach to sound engineering and music production
  • developing new and innovative audio production methodologies
  • providing sound engineering expertise to support studio recordings
  • developing finely honed listening skills
  • providing well informed creative input to a track, song, album, composition for film etc
  • enhancing recordings with high level mastering techniques
  • building a comprehensive knowledge of industry standard tools and techniques
  • building a career in the international music, film or gaming industries
  • learning by doing and gaining hands-on experience applicable to real-life work
  • joining a progressive learning community supported by a dedicated team of experienced facilitators
  • living and working in Berlin, the most exciting city on the planet for music makers
  • collaborating with a community of like minded people from 55 different countries


Explore the practical principles of studio recording and mixing, audio production, composition and arrangement, acoustics and sound design. As you take on a range of creative roles in different projects, you will gain valuable hands-on experience from day one.

Throughout the year you’ll be producing, mixing and finalising for different artists and/or creating your own pieces for others to produce and master.

Here are just a few of the things to look forward to during this year:

  • studio recording principles and practice… and more practice….and more practice!
  • the ability to develop, produce and complete a creative product
  • the essentials of audio production, sampling and sequencing
  • utilising psychoacoustics and room acoustics for music production and creating unique timbres
  • familiarising yourself with different DAW systems and tools of operation for audio production
  • recording, mixing and mastering your own tracks, songs and compositions
  • making your first steps towards a career in the music industry


Year 1 goes wide, covering the foundations of sound engineering and audio production. Year 2 goes deep as you build on the foundational knowledge of Year 1. Refine and hone your critical listening and mastering skills. Explore and expand your individual skill-set and creative approach as you dig even deeper into the techniques of mixing, mastering and studio production.

Some things to look forward to during Year 2.

  • advanced studio recording techniques
  • recording, mixing and mastering large scale productions (albums, EPs)
  • band recording and operations of bigger studio productions
  • comprehensive knowledge of audio production operation tools for different DAW
  • audio production and composition techniques for multimedia
  • use of diverse techniques to explore the expansive concepts of sequencing, synthesis and sampling
  • building a comprehensive knowledge of industry standard tools and techniques


Consolidate your creative practical skills. Define your production vision and prepare to present it to the world. Produce and craft your own creative project from conceptualisation to public release. Actively collaborate with like minded individuals. Establish a professional framework and launch yourself in the music scene with empowering personalised projects that prepare you for the real world and your chosen path.

Throughout all 3 years of our Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering program you will be creating an unparalleled wealth of audio material for your public-facing portfolios, while broadening your perspective on the creative techniques and practices necessary to pursue your creative calling.

During this inspiring final year:

  • explore and define your own distinct and creative approach to music production
  • manage your own creative projects from conceptualisation to realisation
  • discover creative strategies for starting, developing and completing musical pieces
  • become proficient in providing creative input to someone else’s track, song, album, composition for film etc
  • use your sound engineering and audio production expertise to lead studio recordings
  • develop new and innovative music production and recording methodologies
  • appreciate and assimilate techniques from music productions of the last 75 years

Successful students completing all 3 years will achieve a Bachelor Degree in Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering (BA Hons)

To view a breakdown of the modules year by year press the “DOWNLOAD COURSE INFORMATION” button above the HELPFUL LINKS section. For more information about the formal Programme Specifications please view this document.


Academic qualifications equivalent to ‘A’ level, Baccalaureate or Abitur are normally required to enter our Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering degree programme. These may be waived if students are able to provide proof of capability via a portfolio of work. More details can be found here.

For those students who have the capability but no proof of appropriate qualifications or portfolio we have also designed a new accelerated access course (primer workshops) which runs as part of our summer programme.

The most important prerequisite for attending any course at dBs Berlin is that you must be passionate about building and developing your skills as a practising electronic music artist, producer or performer.

Need more info? Get in contact with our team or stop by for an Open Day!

Listen to Tracks Produced by Our Students

In the end it doesn’t matter what we say or do. What matters is what our students are doing during their time with us. Have a listen, leave some comments, decide for yourselves.

Our Tutors

Florian Zwietnig

In addition to being the programme lead for our Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree, Florian has a Masters degree in psychology and over 20 years of experience working as a musician and producer. ...

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Brian Greene

Brian is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin. As a vocalist and lyricists he has numerous published collaborations released on labels such as Planet Mu, Airflex and Kinnego Records. As a co founder of ...

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Philip Röder

Philip is a professional producer and mixing engineer. His studio Copilco Productions is ...

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Christopher Jarman

Christopher Jarman has 20 years professional music industry experience which has led to a variety of musical personas across many genres as Kamikaze Space Programme, Dot Product and Raiden. He has amassed over 150 ...

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Jenifa Mayanja

Ugandan born Jenifa Mayanja has been deeply entrenched in the underground deep house music scene for more than 25 years ...

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Geoff Wright

Geoff Wright is a producer, DJ and violinist with over 10 years’ industry experience across areas including composition, production, live performance and session recording. His background in classical training is complemented by his extensive ...

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Brendan Dougherty

Sound artist and producer Brendan Dougherty moved from Philadelphia to Berlin in 2002 and quickly became involved in its music and performance art scenes. An avid collaborator, he has worked with a wide range ...

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Conor Dalton


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Our Spaces

Our international creative campus is located at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin – it’s hard to imagine a better location for creative endeavour and learning!

Through an industrial dream landscape of concrete factories and power stations along the Spree in East Berlin, the Funkhaus building comes into sight.

Built in the 1950s, the former GDR state radio is the home of some of the world’s most breathtaking broadcasting and recording studios. Its spaces were purposely built for recording symphony orchestras, choirs, chamber and jazz ensembles, pop music, radio plays, and for hosting memorable performances and acts accompanied by cutting-edge sound technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Now… its cavernous industrial halls are the home of our rapidly expanding institute of creative production – a thriving community of creatives, practitioners and dreamers.

Our carefully redeveloped space within the complex, hosts over 30 studios/live rooms/production suites, electronic music production labs, IT workshop spaces, co-labs, multi purpose workshop spaces, film production and edit suites, a green screen film studio and we continue to grow!

Want to look around? We welcome you to sign up for an Open Day. These are a great opportunity to speak to our staff, students and see our facilities.

Take a 360` Virtual Tour of our Spaces


Your success depends entirely on you – what you bring to the course, your approach to learning, and the grit, passion and sheer determination with which you start to build your future.

Each year of this modular course provides you with all of the tools required to progress onto the next year of our programme or to continue your self development elsewhere as you prepare to make your first foray into the music industry.

The employment model in the music industry has transformed over the last 25 years. Roles with permanent contracts do still exist but it is much more likely that you will work either as a freelancer or as part of a small startup on your way to professional creative autonomy.

There are many progression routes into the industry and it often makes sense to develop a portfolio of different roles. Here are some examples:

Mastering engineer, producer, field recording, recording engineer,  mixing engineer, urban soundscape designer, live engineer for events or installations, mixing engineer, audio and music production for games, advertisement, film, interdisciplinary arts projects, and working in related fields such as record labels, publishers, artist management companies to name but a few.

The music industry is an always-evolving and growing industry. At dBs Berlin, we want to make sure you develop the best skills to be able to enjoy, adapt and stay at the forefront of change.

Our UK centres have been running successfully for many years and have had graduates working across the music industry from Abbey Road Recording Studios to the Glastonbury Festival and everything in between.

Many students also decide to opt for further specialised study at Masters level. dBs Berlin now has an MA in Creative Production.

It’s time to create! And while you wait, check out our YouTube channel for more inspiration from our students!

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