Key Facts

Length1 Year or 2 years (part-time)
StartSeptember 14, 2020
Term (1YR)14.09.2020 - 06.08.2021
Term (2YR)14.09.2020 - 08.2022
FeesFrom €585 a month
DeadlineApply by Aug 24


This hyper flexible Creative Production Masters Degree is all about you. Your passion, your journey, your vision, your project and your future. This is your chance to explore new ground, innovate and extend your own boundaries. To take everything you already are and forge it into everything you want to become.

Celebrate, explore, develop, innovate and magnify your capabilities as a music producer, a sound engineer, a practising electronic music artist, a performer, a composer, a sonic artist or artistic practitioners from other fields whilst building and enhancing an artistic and creative industry profile.


Our Creative Production (Music) M.A provides a clear but flexible framework for negotiated and self-directed learning. Pursue your chosen interest or specialisation through an iterative practice-based research approach supported by seminars, workshops, informal meetings, our excellent studio facilities and individual supervision. Our seminars and workshops provide a thorough grounding in practice-led research theory and methodology alongside a wider range of research in sound, music and the arts. The taught component is not intended to give answers to your questions, but to stimulate curiosity, to widen and deepen frames of musical and conceptual reference and most importantly: to provide a set of tools with which to explore and develop your personal research ideas and concepts.

During this intensive and challenging year (2 year part-time) our team will supervise and guide you through a constant cycle of creating, critiquing, self discovery and growth. Design and develop your own practice based research programme surrounded by an inspiring community of students from around the world who will act as mentors, peers, collaborators, audience and fellow travellers.

Consider this a turning point, a moment to define or redefine the next chapter of your career whilst asking yourself this essential question:

Who are you and what do you plan to contribute to the world?


Creative Production is an intentionally broad term. Music production, recording, composition, programming, performance, sound design, improvisation, instrument design, sound art, sound for games, sound for film, field recording, artistic research, critical theory, new media, or an innovative interdisciplinary form including some or all of the above. Your own imagination is the only limit. We’d be very happy to help you stretch it!

Convert vulnerabilities into strengths, barriers into new pathways, pain points into pleasure and fears into exciting new frontiers for exploration. It’s a chance to explore all that you are and all that you are…not yet(!) whilst mapping out your future potential.

A few things to look forward to during the year:

  • developing and growing your own individual project, creative concept or musical idea
  • strengthening and refining your creative vision and approach
  • deepening the relationship with your work within and beyond your own parameters
  • establishing your own distinct approach to creative production with research
  • expanding your understanding of other creative pathways
  • navigating between different aspects of musical inquiry and concepts
  • engaging in independent practice led research
  • developing new and innovative production techniques
  • receiving mentorship from field and industry experts
  • realising the full potential of your creative work
  • joining a progressive learning community supported by a dedicated team of experienced facilitators
  • living and working in Berlin, the most exciting city on the planet for music makers
  • collaborating with an artistic community of like minded people from 55 different countries

To view a breakdown of the modules press the “DOWNLOAD COURSE INFORMATION” button above the HELPFUL LINKS section. For more information about the formal Programme Specifications please view this document.


Our MA students this year come from a background of song-writing, house, techno, folk, Jazz, composition for dance choreography, experimental and electroacoustic music and free improvisation. The student projects in 2018/2019 include themes such as field recording/hydraulic sounds, artificial Intelligence, human voice and spirituality, hauntology, Janet Jackson, the roles of electronics and sampling in popular music, semiotics, free improvisation and song forms, interactive, delay network installation, culture jamming and 4D multichannel composition using the internationally unique Monom system based at the Funkhaus.


In our Thinking in Sound sessions we have listened to, read and discussed the work of many thinkers and artists, including Pauline Oliveros, Jacques Derrida, Éliane Radigue, David Hykes, Autechre, Denis Smalley, Roland Barthes, Oneohtrix Point Never, King Sunny Ade, Evolution Control Committee, Mark Fisher, Situationism, FKA Twigs, Iannis Xenakis, György Ligeti, Pierre Schaeffer, Stewart Lee, Susan Sontag, David Sylvian and Derek Bailey.


In our Skills Sessions we’ve had basic studio training for those who need it and introductions to multi-channel audio, audio processing and audio phenomena, analogue modular synthesis, light and sound, sensors and controllers, field recording, techniques for installations and Max MSP.


Presentations from Guest Artists include Nicolas Collins (composer, improviser, master-hacker), Sabine Vogel (Flute, Electronics, Composer, Installation), Insa Langhorst (Film-maker, Visual Anthropologist), Bob Ostertag (Synthesist, Composer, Improviser, Theorist, Activist) as well as our own Richard Scott (electroacoustic musician, Modular Synthesist) and Doron Sadja (Audio Visual performance and installation).


For Masters Degree applicants an academic qualifications equivalent to a Bachelor Degree is normally required to enter our Creative Production Masters degree programme. These may be waived if students are able to provide proof of capability via a portfolio of work.

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We also have a new Creative Production Masters Programme in FILM!

Listen to Tracks Produced by Our Students

In the end it doesn’t matter what we say. What matters is what happens here. Take a listen to some music our students have made.

Our Tutors

Richard Scott


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Doron Sadja

Doron Sadja is an American artist, composer, and curator whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space. Difficult, powerful, intense and delicate – all at the same time” Sadja stages epic performance ...

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Our Spaces

Our international creative campus is located at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin – it’s hard to imagine a better location for creative endeavour and learning!

Through an industrial dream landscape of concrete factories and power stations along the Spree in East Berlin, the Funkhaus building comes into sight.

Built in the 1950s, the former GDR state radio is the home of some of the world’s most breathtaking broadcasting and recording studios. Its spaces were purposely built for recording symphony orchestras, choirs, chamber and jazz ensembles, pop music, radio plays, and for hosting memorable performances and acts accompanied by cutting-edge sound technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Now… its cavernous industrial halls are the home of our rapidly expanding institute of creative production – a thriving community of creatives, practitioners and dreamers.

Our carefully redeveloped space within the complex, hosts over 20 studios/live rooms/production suites, electronic music production labs, IT workshop spaces, co-labs, multi purpose workshop spaces, film production and edit suites, a green screen film studio and we continue to grow!

Want to look around? We welcome you to sign up for an Open Day. These are a great opportunity to speak to our staff, students and see our facilities.

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Your success depends entirely on you – what you bring to the course, your approach to learning and the grit, passion and sheer determination with which you build your future.

Our HIGHER EDUCATION and MASTERS courses provide you with valuable tools required to progress and continue your self development as you establish yourself in the creative industry.

The employment model in the music industry has been transformed over the last 20 years. Roles with permanent contracts do still exist but it is much more likely that you will work either as a freelancer or as part of a small startup on your way to professional creative autonomy.

As the cohorts of Berlin students graduate, they quickly progress into exciting real world projects and careers. We enjoy supporting our students as they progress their careers into a wide range of fields:

Audio production, engineering, contemporary performance, recording artist, performing artists, audio creation for events and brands, sound design, creative advertising, sample packs for labels and artists, sounds for events and installations, sound and music for multimedia, interdisciplinary arts projects, working in related fields such as record labels, publishers, artist management companies to name but a few.

The music industry is an always-evolving and growing industry. At dBs Berlin, we want to make sure you develop the best skills to be able to enjoy, adapt and stay at the forefront of change.

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