Is dBs Berlin the right place for you? Have a look at our overview of the dBs personality, our core beliefs, our DNA and how that influences our approach to learning.


Our Foundation Stones


We are driven by a deeply held belief that greatness is grown not born. At heart this is why we find education and learning such an inspirational process to be involved in.

Our groundbreaking degree programmes are based on the values and concepts of progressive education whilst complying with the rigorous requirements of a UK university education. Progressive education focusses on building the real world skills that will continue to transform your daily life long after you have left dBs Berlin behind.


Learning By Doing


A growing body of research is proving what we’ve probably always known – the best way to learn something is to just do it. Again…and again…and again. Expert performance is primarily the result of expert practice not due to innate talent.

In other words, it’s not about what you’re born with – it’s about how consistently and deliberately you can work to improve your performance.

We minimise time spent in dusty lecture rooms and maximise time with your hands on the actual tools. You need to FEEL it yourself not watch someone else feeling it.

Our project-based curriculum provides key knowledge and tools through ‘hands on’ practice and experiential learning. It empowers students to start applying these essential techniques professionally as they start to engage with real world, creative industry projects.


There’s Only One You


You all take the same qualification but you get to do it in a way which works for your interests, your goals, your own personal approach to learning and your future.


A Learning Community


We are often asked – why should I pay money to attend a course when I can get all of this information for free online?

An online training video or lecture is an effective way to pass on information. It can be played and replayed as many times as is required for the information to be successfully understood.

An outstanding progressive learning establishment provides so much more than the simple passing on of information. The starting point for this is a learning community of like minded peers. In our case you can raise this to the power of 10 because it’s a community of like minded peers from more than 55 different countries.

This results in a rich collaborative learning environment as you bathe in a dazzling array of different backgrounds, life experiences, approaches and cultural values. Only when we come together can we truly grow.

When you come to us you’ll be working in a nurturing, caring, relaxed, welcoming, inspirational and creative home from home.


A Guiding Hand


A guiding hand of a facilitator, mentor or tutor is also an essential part of growing your own capabilities. Who will ask you the difficult questions? Who will set you tasks that sound unachievable but that inspire you to stretch yourself in ways you didn’t know you were capable of? Who will provide you with insights into new ways of thinking?

Who can lead you to the things you don’t even know you don’t know? Who will provide you with praise at the right time? Who will be there as you pick yourself up out of the dirt after a spectacular failure to encourage you to be even more audacious with your next vision?

Simply put, the team at dBs Berlin will enable you to imagine, develop and build the best version of yourself you can be providing you with all the necessary tools to grow your own greatness.


Skills For Success


As progressive educators we’ve been asking ourselves an important question. What are the essential attributes or skills that make a person successful in life and how can they best be learnt?

A powerful answer to that question would surely be one of the most important things any place of learning could provide to their students. It’s astonishing that most of them don’t seem to even think it’s important enough to take on.

We use the word ‘success’ in the broadest terms. Whatever your own definition of success, there are a range of tools, skills, attributes and habits you can develop which will significantly increase your chances of achieving that success. These skills and attributes are the building blocks that will help turn a talented, hardworking human being into a genuinely successful one.

To be a powerful and successful creative citizen in the 21st century we believe you need to be working as much on these skills and attributes as you do on the specialist subject area you are interested in.

Get comfortable with failure and vulnerability, build tenacity and grit, grow and develop an entrepreneurial approach, learn to lead people and manage projects, understand risk taking, enhance your communication skills with others and learn to innovate.

This learning is deeply embedded in the projects that you are completing for your course. Most of the time our intention is that you may not even be consciously aware that you’re in the process of developing these skills.


Your Well Being


What is artistic output, creative development and success without personal fulfilment and happiness? At dBs Berlin we believe that personal well being and happiness are essential to living a truly fulfilled life and we encourage our students to incorporate this into their own development.

This belief is woven into the structure of our course delivery. It’s an important part of our DNA, not something thrown in as a cheap extra. Doing it any other way is doing you a serious disservice.


Brain Building


Build up that brain in our gym for the human mind. Engage and develop serious problem solving and critical thinking skills across a range of issues whilst building your understanding muscle. Get comfortable with taking action.


Don’t Forget To Smile 🙂


Above all it should be fun. Hard work…but fun. We think like this: The wider the smile, the harder the work going on, the deeper the exploration.