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For this spring 2019, dBs Berlin is very happy to host three new 2-day Music Production Workshops that will take place on our school’s creative campus at the Funkhaus:

  • Specialist mixing workshop for Electronic Music Production
  • Mastering workshop for Electronic Music Production
  • Mastering workshop for Creative Music Production

The mastering workshops cover both electronic and non-electronic music genres. If you can’t decide or need more info, get in touch!

For those looking to tell their story but don’t have the filmmaking equipment or skills, this Pocket Filmmaking Workshop hosted by our Film specialists will show you how to create engaging content from your mobile phone!

Specialist Mixing Workshop 

  • 2 Days: Please get in touch for the next dates 
  • 6 Hours per day from 10am – 6pm 


Push the boundaries of your own knowledge. Become a studio apprentice for two days and learn to mix magic with an industry experienced engineer/producer.

Techno, trance, dubstep, house, electro, hip hop


How does one make a bass line and kick drum work together? How do we blend synthesizers so they don’t fight each other, and how do you bring clarity and punch to drums and the overall mix? These are just some of the questions amateur mixing engineers long to find the answers to – it’s no secret a good mix will bring your music to life.

As a result of contemporary technology, electronic music production is done in a wide range of studio setups from bedrooms to more traditional large scale studios. This course will take place in the luxury of a larger studio with tutors who have huge amounts of industry experience and knowledge. The fundamentals of bringing your mixes to life will be covered in a two day course.


Those wishing to push their mixdown knowledge to the next level in a specific genre working alongside professional engineers and producers.


  • Mix analyses
  • Creative process
  • Breaking the rules
  • Gain structure
  • Equalisation
  • Dynamics and loudness
  • Balancing levels
  • Effects – both outboard and in the box
  • Automation / returns / advanced routing
  • The stereo field
  • Bouncing down, industry standards


Christopher Jarman, who you may also know as Kamikaze Space Programme, Dot Product or Raiden. Not only is he a regular DJ at Berghain, Tresor and some of the world’s best clubs, Christopher packs a solid 20 years of music industry experience with over 150 vinyl releases for different music genres and labels.

Mastering workshops (Various genres)


Since the early days of vinyl, mastering has had an air of mystery surrounding it. Seen as a ‘dark art’ of the audio world, mastering process involving obscure pieces of hardware and a scientific attention to detail was something that was left to a few rarefied lab-coat wearing technicians. There is however, no need to be intimidated by the tools and techniques typically put to practice with mastering – they can be learned.

An important disclaimer follows. These courses will not turn you into a mastering wizard. That process takes many years experience of listening and experimenting. But they will start to demystify the process of developing your own mastering and listening skills and provide you with an understanding of many of the tools you need to start yourself on that journey.


These workshops are designed for intermediate & advanced music producers wishing to immerse themselves in the world of mastering.

We have 2 separate Mastering workshops, one dedicated to electronic music genres and one covering a broader set of non-electronic music styles.


  • Developing your listening skills
  • Understanding the mastering process
  • Specialist mastering software and hardware
  • Equalisation – clarity and definition
  • Multiband effects
  • Stereo imaging
  • Mastering workflow, signal chains
  • Limiting + loudness
  • Advanced mastering technique



  • 2 Days: Please get in touch for the next dates
  • 6 Hours per day from 10am – 6pm


Techno, trance, dubstep, house, electro, hip hop


Berlin-based producer and mixing engineer Philip Roeder. As a creative producer and production studio owner himself, Philip brings wealth of experience and valuable insight to studio work.


  • 2 Days: Please get in touch for the next dates
  • 6 Hours per day from 10am – 6pm


This workshop is non genre-specific focusing on a broad understanding of the various techniques involved in this final professional process of the music creating journey.


Cem Oral, also known as Jammin’ Unit and G 104. He’s a musician, label owner and mastering engineer who’s been working in the music industry since the 80s with artists like The Mad Professor, Wu Tang Clan and Nine Inch Nails.


Learn by doing! Spend 2 days in one of the atmospheric Berlin Funkhaus recording studios with some great gear and an expert mastering engineer willing to tell you some home truths about listening and mastering. Then get out into Berlin for some R&R Berlin styley.


Our workshops are given in English and take place on our creative campus located in Berlin’s iconic Funkhaus. To sign up you need to be at least 18 years old and be motivated!

If you’re not from an EU or EEC country but want to study in Berlin, our short courses and workshops are ideal. Many countries have agreements with Germany and a visa is not required but you can also consider a tourist visa if this is not the case. If you are unsure, get in touch with our admissions team for support.

Listen to Tracks Produced by Our Students

In the end it doesn’t matter what we say or do. What matters is what our students are doing during their time with us. Have a listen, leave some comments, decide for yourselves.

Our Tutors


Christopher Jarman

Christopher Jarman has 20 years professional music industry experience which has led to a variety of musical personas across many genres as Kamikaze Space Programme, Dot Product and Raiden. He has amassed over 150 ...

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Cem Oral

Cem has always been immersed in great musical diversity. He began his career working as an audio engineer in Frankfurt back in the early ‘80s. Years later he began producing hip-hop and pop-acts like BVSMP and George ...

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Our Spaces

Our international creative campus is located at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin – it’s hard to imagine a better location for creative endeavour and learning! It’s an industrial dream landscape of concrete factories and power stations along the Spree in East Berlin.

Built in the 1950s, the former GDR state radio is the home of some of the world’s most breathtaking broadcasting and recording studios, purposely built for recording symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles as well radio plays and epic musical performances and acts of all sorts, with cutting-edge sound technology.

Now its cavernous industrial halls are the home of our rapidly expanding institute of creative production – a thriving community of creatives, practitioners and dreamers.

Our carefully redeveloped space within the complex, hosts over 20 studios/live rooms/suites for music and film production, workshop spaces, a green screen studio and we continue to grow!

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Our courses are designed for those looking for a short-term way plan to develop their music production skills in order to support their own project, get a taster for a new field, refresh their existing knowledge and to collaborate and exchange with like-minded people. 

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