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Length4 weeks
Start20.07.2020 - 14.08.2020
DeadlineLast few spots avail!



Bring a friend and you both will receive a 29% discount on your short courses. Apply with a friend by the 15th of July and pay 1600€ instead of 2250€. Check out our other short courses from our sister school in Film and Acting.


Join us in Berlin for Summer 2020 to dive into the world of contemporary electronic music production, studio recording, or advanced sound design on one of our summer courses.

Whether you’re deep into a specific electronic music genre, love watching and recording live musicians, curious about sound exploration or obsessed with trying to achieve the perfectly balanced mix down; you’ll find new inspiration whilst developing a whole range of new skills in our intensive and specialised courses.

  • The Ignition courses explore the fundamental tools, skills and techniques needed to kick start your life as a music producer or sound engineer.
  • The Momentum courses are designed for producers, engineers and professionals seeking to hone their skills in the specialist fields. These courses require some prior knowledge, so check the content of each of them and make sure you’re ready for the ride.

Whatever your choice of course, you’ll develop a range of creative approaches with our expert guidance in order to record or produce music in our superb music production facilities. It’s an environment filled with all the equipment you could need, and better yet, a whole community of like-minded creatives to collaborate with.

The programmes are housed within the sprawling Funkhaus complex where you’ll find our 25 dedicated music studios and production spaces next to our purpose built classrooms and communal spaces. Outside of class immerse yourself into Berlin’s eclectic music scene and thriving music industry to form connections with the international music community. Gear up for an inspirational summer month!

IMPORTANT NEWS: From the 15th of June, Germany’s quarantine requirement has been be lifted for EU citizens, as well as the UK, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. From the 1st of July, non-EU citizens will also be allowed to enter Germany for study purposes. For more important information and guidance on COVID-19 for all applicants and interested, click here.

IGNITION– Electronic Music Production

Our 4-week Electronic Music Production course is perfect for beginners and aspiring producers who want to learn the core principles of their craft and hone their skills to express their creative ideas!

Explore the basics, refine your process and learn to express your creative voice through hands-on learning facilitated by tutors and professional producers.

Course content;

  • Ableton Live 10 fundamentals
  • Listening skills and analysis
  • Source materials & sound libraries
  • Audio manipulation, warping, mangling
  • Sequencing, piano roll, arpeggios and input devices
  • Software (VSTs) and hardware Drum Machines
  • Software (VSTs) and hardware Synthesizers
  • Sound design fundamentals
  • Composition and arrangement tools, tricks and techniques
  • Production approaches (Genre, Style, Characteristics and Format)
  • Creative EQ, compression and effects processing
  • Mixing tools and techniques

Create, mix and finalise your music ready to share with the world.

IGNITION – Primer Workshops

For those wishing to join our main Bachelors programmes, but lack either practical experience in music making or the formal education requirements to apply through standard entry, we offer the additional Primer workshops. These workshops run alongside the Ignition courses and cover writing skills, reading, structuring arguments, debate and understanding context. They utilise task and project based learning methodology to ensure that you’re prepared and ready for our longer HE Cert or Degree level programmes.

MOMENTUM – Advanced Sound Design

Our 4-week Advanced Sound Design course has been created with the artist/producer in mind. You know your way around a DAW, and already have a grasp of the fundamentals, but are interested in developing a new sonic identity or exploring new frontiers that will take your work to the next stage in it’s evolution. Connect with the technology, tools and philosophies invaluable for creating engaging, diverse and rich productions in our intensive, content packed course.

Course Focus;

  • Advanced DAW operations
  • Synthesis Approaches (additive, subtractive, FM, AM, granular, modelling, wavetable, modular)
  • Audio manipulation tools and techniques (samplers, tape loops, vinyl and CDs)
  • Sound design philosophy
  • Reamping and physical sound processing
  • Expressive input and control surfaces
  • Experimental recording (contact microphones, springs, hydrophones and circuit sniffers)
  • Custom analogue and digital effects chains
  • Generative and autonomous systems, feedback systems and complex sequencing tools
  • Reaktor patch creation
  • Max4Live customisation
  • Extended technique

With in-depth practice and expert tuition from industry professionals, this course can help expand your sonic palette, sharpen your listening and production skills and give you the tools you need to break new ground in your future productions.

IGNITION – Studio Recording (cancelled for summer 2020)

This brand new 4-week Studio Recording beginners course has been designed for budding sound engineers eager to learn the fundamentals of recording and producing bands, soloists or electronic artists in a professional studio environment.

Launch, define and refine your own process and produce with confidence through hands-on learning facilitated by expert tutors and industry professionals.

Course content;

  • Pre-production planning
  • Microphone types, placement and experimentation
  • Acoustic and psychoacoustic principles
  • Instrument types and recording techniques
  • Analog mixing desks, signal flow, routing, patching and monitoring
  • Software operations – tracking, conforming, editing & exporting in Pro Tools 12
  • Session management and communication skills
  • Reamping, sound manipulation and experimentation with sound sources
  • Dynamic (Compression), spectral (EQ) and spatial (Panning) processing
  • Mixing and mastering principles

By the end of all this, you’ll have the skills to take your future recording projects to the next level!


This year our students came from more than 55 different countries. As an organisation we celebrate that incredible level of diversity.

It’s a total privilege to be able to bring this diverse community together in the inspirational space of our Funkhaus campus in the world class creative metropolis of Berlin.

Listen to Tracks Produced by Our Students

In the end it doesn’t matter what we say or do. What matters is what our students are doing during their time with us. Have a listen, leave some comments, decide for yourselves.

Our Tutors

Eliad Wagner

Eliad is a composer, performer, sound artist, lecturer and the programme lead for our Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor. A classically trained musician, holding a Bachelor degree in physics and a ...

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Charlie Baldwin

Charlie Baldwin is also known as the artist Kasket and specialises in raw recordings, live atmosphere, glitched up vocals and catchy melodies. His first release entitled Torn ...

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Laurence Osborne

Appleblim, aka Laurie, was a regular performer at the club FWD>> from late 2002. The acts he saw there inspired him to set up the label Skull Disco along with Shackleton. On this, Appleblim released his own material and achieved success with ...

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Philippa McIntyre

Having been a staple artist of the New Zealand electronic music scene for over twenty years, Philippa has lived in Berlin since 2013 and has been a long term member of the dBs Berlin tutor team. ...

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Cem Oral

Cem has always been immersed in great musical diversity. He began his career working as an audio engineer in Frankfurt back in the early ‘80s. Years later he began producing hip-hop and pop-acts like BVSMP and George ...

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Valerio Massucci

Valerio Massucci

Having more than 10 years of experience in the industry as a recording, mixing and mastering ...

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Conor Dalton


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Our Spaces

Our international creative campus is located at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin – it’s hard to imagine a better location for creative endeavour and learning! It’s an industrial dream landscape of concrete factories and power stations along the Spree in East Berlin.

Built in the 1950s, the former GDR state radio is the home of some of the world’s most breathtaking broadcasting and recording studios, purposely built for recording symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles as well radio plays and epic musical performances and acts of all sorts, with cutting-edge sound technology.

Now its cavernous industrial halls are the home of our rapidly expanding institute of creative production – a thriving community of creatives, practitioners and dreamers.

Our carefully redeveloped space within the complex, hosts over 20 studios/live rooms/suites for music and film production, workshop spaces, a green screen studio and we continue to grow!

Stop by for a visit!

Take a 360` Virtual Tour of our Spaces


This summer school is designed for two audiences and hence two progression routes:

The first audience are those looking for a productive way to spend their summer developing their music production skills to help support their own project and meet like minded people. For this audience the likely progression is back onto their own project or perhaps coming back to dBs Berlin to take one of our standalone short courses.

The second audience is those students wishing to progress onto one of our longer courses i.e. the HE Certificate, the HE Diploma or the BA Hons Bachelor degree whom require some experience to help prepare them for the longer course.

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