Ainsley Adams

CMP Tutor

Ainsley is a producer and sound engineer with 2 Latin Grammys to his name and a long list of credits including Beverley Knight’s Soul UK, Charlotte Church’s Back to Scratch, Jesse & Joy’s ¿Con Quien se Queda el Perro? and many more. During his time in London, he worked extensively with hit songwriter Sacha Skarbek, notably on demo production and mixing for artists such as Adele, Ilse DeLange, Lisa Marie Presley and others.

Alongside this, Ainsley was the studio manager and one of the in-house engineers for Martin Terefe’s Kensaltown Studios.. He has also worked as a live sound engineer and studio consultant.

He is currently involved with songwriting and production for the Spanish Hip-Hop sensation Zoo, amongst various other artist development projects via his production company Brave Musik.

Besides all this, Ainsley collaborates with dBs Berlin Music as a tutor and assists with studio development.


Watch a video interview: INSIDE DBS BERLIN: AINSLEY