Our Tutors

At heart dBs Berlin is about people. A creative community. Feeling welcome. Feeling part of something. A nurturing hothouse where people grow themselves and help grow others. You will be working in a nurturing, caring, relaxed, welcoming, inspirational and creative home from home with a team who will know you by name, care about your development and truly give a damn. Most of our tutors are established and active in local, national and international music, film and art circuits.

Valerio Massucci

Summer School Tutor

Valerio Massucci

Having more than 10 years of experience in the industry as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer, Valerio Massucci has made a name for himself working throughout Europe and the UK on numerous productions that range from classical and baroque orchestras, to electronic driven post-rock. His credits include Benjamin Power (Fuck Buttons/Blanck Mass), Jorja Smith …

Doron Sadja

EMP & CMP Tutor

Doron Sadja is an American artist, composer, and curator whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space. Difficult, powerful, intense and delicate – all at the same time” Sadja stages epic performance works that immerse the audience into a futuristic landscape of pure sound and light.

Conor Dalton

EMP & CMP Tutor

Conor Dalton has 10 years of professional mastering experience with his company Glowcast Audio Mastering, working on music from Daft Punk, Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettmann, Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Craig, John Digweed, Maceo Plex, and many more. He’s also one of the engineers at Calyx mastering in Berlin where his clients include Rødhåd, Dubfire, Moderat, as well as tutor at Berklee …

Richard Scott

MA Course Leader

Dr. Richard Scott is a composer and performer of electronic and improvised music. For much of the last decade he has been dedicated to the compositional and performance possibilities of analogue modular synthesizers. He also works with a variety of digital technologies such as Ambisonics, multichannel diffusion and with instruments such as the Buchla Lightning …

Geoff Wright

CMP Tutor


Geoff Wright is a producer, DJ and violinist with over 10 years’ industry experience across areas including composition, production, live performance and session recording. His background in classical training is complemented by his extensive experience of recording and performing in contemporary settings.

Brendan Dougherty

EMP & CMP Tutor


Sound artist and producer Brendan Dougherty moved from Philadelphia to Berlin in 2002 and quickly became involved in its music and performance art scenes. An avid collaborator, he has worked with a wide range of visual and performance artists creating pieces and touring internationally.

Christopher Jarman

CMP Tutor


Christopher Jarman has 20 years professional music industry experience which has led to a variety of musical personas across many genres as Kamikaze Space Programme, Dot Product and Raiden. He has amassed over 150 vinyl releases and regularly performs at many of the world’s most infamous venues.

Jenifa Mayanja

EMP & CMP Tutor


Ugandan born Jenifa Mayanja has been deeply entrenched in the underground deep house music scene for more than 25 years since the early 90’s staking her claim in New York. Relocating to the U.S in her teens and living in the midwestern U.S  shaped her resilience and determination to follow her lifelong dream of being …

Philip Röder

CMP Tutor

Philip is a professional producer and mixing engineer. His studio Copilco Productions is based in Berlin and he works with artists and labels from all over the world. Philip also produces his own music under the artist name Copilco. His characteristic style: atmospheric deep techno, blended with elements of electronica and IDM.

Laurence Osborne

EMP Tutor

Appleblim, aka Laurie, was a regular performer at the club FWD>> from late 2002. The acts he saw there inspired him to set up the label Skull Disco along with Shackleton. On this, Appleblim released his own material and achieved success with some vinyl only singles. The label then went on to achieve more success …

Robin Koek

EMP & CMP Tutor

Robin Koek (Netherlands, 1987) is active as a composer, musician and designer of artistic systems. His works explore states wherein acoustic, digital and analog signals intertwine and merge into one body of sound. The origins of his compositions follow a line of research into acoustic ontology, urban transcription and spatial potential of sound.

Brian Greene

CMP Certificate lead

Brian is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Berlin. As a vocalist and lyricists he has numerous published collaborations released on labels such as Planet Mu, Airflex and Kinnego Records. As a co founder of the label and music collective Reset Industries, he has performed with Boxcutter, Kaidi Tatham and Kab Driver and supported artists …

Jeff Stern

EMP Tutor

A fanatic of audio production in all music styles, Jeff brings 20 years of industry experience to dBs Music Berlin. Living in Berlin since 2006, he is known most for his underground techno/house releases and DJ sets as Jeff Samuel. He has released for labels such as techno pioneer Daniel Bell’s 7th City, Matthew Dear’s …

Philippa McIntyre

EMP Tutor

Having been a staple artist of the New Zealand electronic music scene for over twenty years, Philippa has lived in Berlin since 2013 and has been a long term member of the dBs Berlin tutor team.

Stefan Knauthe

EMP Tutor

Stefan Knauthe is a music producer, composer and synthesist with a lifelong passion for sound and electronic music. Having been Berlin based since 1988, he has witnessed and contributed to the city’s rise to capital of electronic music. Over the last decades, Stefan has worked with many leading artists who emerged from this dynamic and inspired …

Charlie Baldwin

EMP Tutor

Charlie Baldwin is also known as the artist Kasket and specialises in raw recordings, live atmosphere, glitched up vocals and catchy melodies. His first release entitled Torn Letters was published with DiaMind records. This was followed by a release called 4her on the highly respected label Screwloose Records. As of recently however, Kasket will be …

Ben Bacon

EMP Certificate lead

An experienced multi-media artist, composer, researcher, and interaction designer, Ben moved to Berlin in 2015. His current interests include the integration of information design in electronically-based music performance, digital musical instrument design, and multimedia installations. In addition to his many residencies, he has also performed and displayed his work in a variety of international locations …

Florian Zwietnig

CMP Programme Lead & Tutor

In addition to being the programme lead for our Creative Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree, Florian has a Masters degree in psychology and over 20 years of experience working as a musician and producer. His band Mediengruppe Telekommander had an 11 year career before disbanding in 2012. They released 5 albums on labels like …

Cem Oral

Short Course Tutor

Cem has always been immersed in great musical diversity. He began his career working as an audio engineer in Frankfurt back in the early ‘80s. Years later he began producing hip-hop and pop-acts like BVSMP and George McCrae, also working with artists like The Mad Professor, Wu Tang Clan and Nine Inch Nails. Since the inception …

Eliad Wagner

EMP Programme Lead & Tutor

Eliad is a composer, performer, sound artist, lecturer and the programme lead for our Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor. A classically trained musician, holding a Bachelor degree in physics and a Masters degree in composition and music technology. His activities explore the meeting point of composition and improvisation while addressing thoughts on synthesis, music …